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    • 104th Recruitment "OPEN"
      By Dozer · Posted
      Name:   Steve Strittmatter (Callsign:  "Dozer")   Age: 46   Time Flying in DCS: Approximately 1 1/2 years   Preferred Aircraft:  F-15   Reason for applying:   I always have loved fighter jets and did not realize all that  is needed to be in the right position before you shoot missiles or avoid missiles! I started Flying on the 104th  when I first loaded DCS and flew for like 2 months getting killed left and right. The one day a 104th member gave me some tips that helped me get some kills,then another 104th Member Knight and Stuge helped me even more and now I can kill and avoid missiles now too! I have a lot to learn yet. However I want to learn and be apart of the 104th team so I can learn how to be a better fighter pilot and also be that guy to help others. Thanks Dozer
    • Why is our server as it is?
      By Tyger · Posted
      Well said!
    • 104th Recruitment "OPEN"
      By IronMike · Posted
      Thank you Matt! Delighted about your application and I am sure you will know one thing or another, in the end you went through Rooster's grinder, and I respect that a lot. No need for reply btw, let us keep the app thread clean.   To all of you, thank you so much for your intereset!   ATM the following applicants are cleared to submit their UPTS: - Tiger - Roobarb -Bolt   Burner and Coxy, pls speak to me on TS asap. Thank you.   S!
    • 104th Recruitment "OPEN"
      By Bolt · Posted
      Name:  Matt "BOLT" LaRocque   Age:    Ok i'll tell you: 54 Time Flying in DCS: Religiously for about 6 yrs. Preferred Aircraft: F-15C Reason for applying: I'll start by saying you guy's are the 104th. I've been around for quite some time in the DCS community. Have many friends and the 104th is one of them. Some of you know me, some of you dont. I honestly miss the camaraderie, the flying, and the enjoyment that DCS has to offer. i'm looking torward to learning the 104th way. Hell who knows i might even know something you dont. ( I doubt it tho). What I can bring to the table is as such, To listen and learn. And to put to use the what I'm taught by the 104th. Dedication for me here is a given with this. Sorry but I have not flown DCS much recently. And am flying a bit every day to get somewhat back up to speed. And am looking forward to it. A lot of what I have learned in the past I'm sure, can and will be brought to light by the knowledge of the 104th IP's who are some of the best. One thing i do regard highly is the team effort. I see that with you guy's.  And one of the main reasons for my app. Have flown a lot on you're server in the past and you'll see me a lot again. Thanks. I look forward from hearing from you S!  Bolt
    • 104th Recruitment "OPEN"
      By IronMike · Posted
      Thank you all for your applications. I will on TS most of the time this week (finally some time off), so pls come and contact me so that we can talk. S!
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