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    • If you won't take long before next takeoff I'd probably park on the forward elevators or inbetween them. Last couple days I spent some time checking IRL manuals but to be honest I couldn't find any reference on how you should taxi post recovery.. but I might not have found the one that has this knowledge
    • Thx. Wasn't in a hurry so i took the time to recheck some manuals
    • Congratulations! Well deserved! Honor. Excellence. Integrity. S!
    • Today we are announcing a change in command within the 104th Squadron.   Squadron Commander 104th_Blaze has decided to step down as squadron CO, and assume the role of Senior Flight Instructor. This is a welcome change for 104th_Blaze, who feels his skills are much better put to use in a teaching and researching leadership position. 104th_Blaze will retain a position in the command structure of the 104th with this new posting. Blaze has had a long history with the squadron, and we are looking forward to his efforts in establishing new and exciting training programs for our members. Congratulations Blaze, We Thank you for your efforts as our Commanding officer!   We are also elated to announce the promotion of 104th_Bullet to Executive Officer! We have absolute faith in 104th_Bullets ability, and loyalty to the squadron, its mission, and its core values. He has been, and continues to be one hundred percent rock solid as a squadron member and is the living body of our ethos. "Honor, Excellence, and Integrity". While Bullet has only been with the squadron a short while, his commitment and dedication to the squadron has been nothing short of extraordinary! We are looking forward to how you will help shape the squadron for our next generation.   And finally 104th_Fallen will be promoted to the role of Squadron Commanding Officer. Since joining the Squadron Fallen has shown a level of dedication, loyalty and excellence that has not gone unnoticed by the Command Staff. Ever since his early days as a cadet he has shone as a fantastic embodiment of our Squadron's values and has worked hard not only to improve his own skills in the air but to bring others up around him too. We are very proud to call him a friend, a brother and our new Squadron Commanding Officer.   Good luck to you all!   S! Congratulations guys!  Well deserved all of you.   S!
    • The propper procedure would be to taxi to the aft of the ship, or some place out of the way to refuel and rearm, its pretty uncool to stage behind the cat's for your refuel. Its not a rule per say, but we certainly don't endors e that kind of thing. you could politely ask them to move if this happens again.  
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