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Activity Stream

  1. Pandora added a question in 104th Multi-Player Server "Heliopolis"   

    Join server = steam error
    Hi all! 
    I wasn`t able join to the 104th server today. as I got an error: stream error
    Some times i`ve got a high ping  
    I guess i was banned baceuse of it. Could you please remove me from the ban list? I really appericate it! My callsing - Pandora.
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  2. Money added a post in a topic Connection issue   

    You had very bad ping. It was almost at the 330 limit when it was stable but you had incursions well into the 800-900s last for 10s of seconds at a time.
    Please meet up with senior staff on TS when you can, need to check your ping before unbanning...
  3. Fixx added a topic in Banned Box   

    Connection issue
    Hi there,
    I've been operating on the 104th server for several weeks now, been having lots of fun. I'm in Aus but have a fairly stable 250-260ms ping to the server. Today had a connection issue causing lag spikes and was banned. I've resolved the issue, is it possible to get unbanned?
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  4. Wild Turkey added a question in 104th Multi-Player Server "Heliopolis"   

    Random Crashes and Server Lag
    What is with all the server crashing lately? Seems like an hourly thing and NO it is not a mission change... Planes flying backwards, vertically, half in the ground tail up etc etc. Just good ole Drop to server list with Connection Interrupted and so on.
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  5. DTS_Maton added a post in a topic 104th Missions   

    can i make a suggestion
    in every mission so far i was in on the 104 server there was not one where you where able to drive vehicles 
    i understand you want to keep it a fly only mission , but would it be possible to add say some humvee vehicles for players so there would be real live JTAC interaction giving locations of enemey vehicles and laser guiding for the A10C and heli,s would help ka50 pilots also not getting shot while trying to find everything
  6. Blackbird added a topic in Banned Box   

    "caca" - Be on the lookout!
    Player "caca" committed fratricide, killing 5 friendly aircraft at base while they were preforming a formation take-off. This incident was reported to myself by Roofies. If anyone spots this individual please ban this player immediately!!!
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  7. GRYPHUS-01 added a post in a topic Protocol error   

    I agree. Im am grateful for the unban. now we can go again on coop a2g missions as your server has a very good a2g objective design. for training we figured out how to properly set up targets in private sessions. I even have downloaded the f15 104th skin and wanted to try the other day. but the ban kept me from it.
    Thanks again.
  8. Money added a post in a topic Protocol error   

    I searched your name where we are notified of banned players. I could not locate anything, however I vaguely remember you telling me you were training with your friend one evening in the server doing exactly the same thing. Due to this fact I will remove the ban. If any senior staff has a more complete story on the matter and reinstates the ban, so it shall be. Other than that, please do not perform anymore same side training that involves killing friendlies and be sure to comply with all other rules on the 104th server.
  9. GRYPHUS-01 added a post in a topic Protocol error   

    Hi there, a good month or two ago i was also banned for teamkilling, however without the intention to do so. i was playing with a collegue of me. and i was  teaching him some stuff about the a10c, last thing i did show him was how one can disable the WoW safety from the 30mm gatling. He didnt believe me so i proved him wrong by firing a small burst from our parked spot. no playerss were near so i thought i couldnt do harm. Didn't pay attention there was a C17 parked across the lane with 8-10 soldiers, turned C17 into swiss cheese, blew the soldiers up with exploding C17. we both thought it wouldnt count as it were all npc's. Until my buddy teached me how to use a Aim-120 in tws mode and when it goes pitbull. to do so he told i could shoot him down as we were both about to call it a day. So i did. ended with said ban. I really hope this gets reverted. because its was for educative means. and after 2 months without any prior TK's (except maybe one or two unlucky bomb runs with a10c) i still wait for a pardon. please?
  10. Blackbird added a topic in Banned Box   

    Player "CATFISH" is banned for high ping. The user explained that this was due to weather conditions, however no immediate compromise was found. 
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  11. IronMike added a topic in Photos Screenshots and Vids   

  12. Money added a topic in Photos Screenshots and Vids   

    I want THIS on my Gazelle!!
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  13. Money added an answer to a question DCS Simpleradio Standalone   

    I believe it is still not in use but if it is im sure someone will chime in.
  14. Raza added an answer to a question DCS Simpleradio Standalone   

    So is simple radio still in use? If so what IP?
  15. SliderCDN added a topic in Photos Screenshots and Vids   

    Random pics
    Just a few random pictures from last week or so.


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  16. Tiger added a post in a topic Next Red Flag Event   

    I made a post to reserve the position
  17. Money added a post in a topic Next Red Flag Event   

    Thanks Tiger, didnt see him tonight. Name is Jindawg69, not from a squadron but have flown with him quite a few times on the server in Mi-8s and Mistrals. Said he wouldnt mind flying a helo but whatever is fine with him. Will update when I see him next.
  18. Tiger added a post in a topic Next Red Flag Event   

    Please send him this. And will be posted.
  19. Money added a topic in General Forums   

    Next Red Flag Event
    Jindawg69 was trying to sign up to ED forums to join in the next Red Flag event. Was unable, said he had to wait 24 hours to post. Wanted to make sure the slots didnt get filled before he could post. Add to list please?
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  20. Money added a post in a topic Helo ops improvement and scoring   

    The Gazelles do fit in well. Especially now being able to carry Anti-Air teams. Just tonight I was on red side during Op Moonshield. Snuck into Tuapse with the Mistral and inserted an Anti-Air team very close to where the blue helos had set up a massive air defense. About 20 minutes later as one of the Hueys was moving farther along the Igla shot him down. 
    Very rewarding, especially since 5 minutes before I had shot down a blue A-10 that was trying to shred me with that big gatling gun!
    Gotta love the Humiliation message...
  21. SliderCDN added a post in a topic Helo ops improvement and scoring   

    Good to hear, Maverick. 50-60km is just about right for most helos. Some are faster, some slower, but makes for exciting flight when A-A threats are high. Just last night, guys were having a "FOB war" around the bullseye to such extent, no fighter was able to come even close.
    As for scoring, I recall having messages showing who's units killed who ("SliderCDN's Strela killed Maverick", for example), but can't recall if it actually have points, which isn't as relevant anyway. We're having too much fun as is
    Money, I think Gazelles fit in with Hueys and Mi8s just fine. We actually have 1-2 on occasion as fighters and enemy helos were lurking around, some even scored hits.
  22. Money added a post in a topic NO Protocol flow error   

    Checked the server for that nickname, it doesnt show banned...
  23. Money added a post in a topic Helo ops improvement and scoring   

    Looking forward to the new missions Mav!
    Hopefully some new tasks for the Gazelles in them???
  24. mowei added a post in a topic NO Protocol flow error   

     How are you Money. Is the most time to bother you, my nickname is not in conformity with the. My code is 451 Money, please you the most detailed check, thank you, I wish you a happy life
  25. 104th_Maverick added a post in a topic Helo ops improvement and scoring   

    Scoring from deployed troops is not possible in DCS at the moment, so I'm afraid that is not option.
    At present we are working on a totally new mission type that should hopefully be ready to go in the next 2 weeks, your feedback will be considered when placing the FARPS etc, we'll try to provide 50-60km flights to the AOs if possible.
    Keep your eyes open for the new mission (Operation Longbow), lots and LOTS of things for Helicopters to do
    Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoy it!