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  3. Operation Longbow

    one player came to me and said that Gazelles cannot rearm on the farps. I test it in any blue farp and its true. I couldnt also.
  4. Sadly folks we are having to put a hold on applications for now due a problem we are having with getting peoples UCIDs through our log files. We are working with the developers to try and fix this issue as soon as possible. Once we are able to retrieve the UCIDs we will start adding in GCI Operators again.
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  6. Yanyu, Checked your name on the server, you are not banned. Make sure you do not have any mods enabled, Integrity Check will kick you automatically if you do.
  7. Hey, guys.

    I thought I'd give some MP pvp a try again today. I've been having the memory leak as have others, but every time I try to join the 104th Phoenix, I get instantly kicked. I'm wondering if my ping is too high? I can get on all the others, though it takes time. Haven't done a whole lot of research, but could this be a ban? I'm pretty careful about friendly kills and haven't committed any to my knowledge. :-)

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    2. Hud-Buster


      Hey, Money.

      Thanks for the reply.

      I don't use any mods of any kind. I also used to be able to get on the 104th, then one day, it just stopped allowing me on. Would you be willing to pass this along?





    3. Money



      Only other things I can think of is to make sure you are updated to the latest 2.5 version.

      Also, I believe there is a copy of the mission or a track file that you can download and install. Load the mission up offline first then try to join the server.

      Lastly, make sure you havent turned on any anti-virus apps or try turning them off if you have installed.

    4. Hud-Buster


      Thanks, again, for the reply. I've got 2.5 installed. I will turn off Windows Defender (I don't have any other anti-viruses running). Again, I can join any and every MP server except the 104th.


  8. Good afternoon gentlemen, It looks like I have been banned,please help me. I'm writing to you because I can't connect to the 104th Server anymore for about 1 month. I can see your server but can't log in ,and I don't know what I've done wrong. If any of my behavior violate the rules of the server, I sincerely apologize. My ID is yanyu. Thank you very much for your help ! Best regards.

    Done. Let me know if you need anything else.
  10. 104th gci application

    Callsign: Rogue54 Country: US i have occasionally performed gci duties on the 104th several months ago.

    <51K> Preador United States of America (Ohio) 600+ Hours of DCS. As a current pilot, have active experience with real ATC communications.
  12. My DIY seat and mount setup.

    Creative! Nice!
  13. GCI Application

    I still can't find you Rooster Are you 100% sure that is the name you are connecting with? Rogue54 you will have to post a new thread here - http://community.104thphoenix.com/forum/69-gci-operator-sign-up/

    Hello sir, I have tried to find your details in our logs but had no luck. Can you please join the server and type something in to the chat so we can get your UCID and add you to the GCI slots.
  15. New to Teamspeak

    You can join any channel you want on teamspeak. It is not possible for you to enter any channels that you are not allowed in so you dont ever have to worry about joining a channel you shouldn't be in. If you want to get in touch with someone who is in a channel you cannot connect to (104th private channels) just double click on their name instead and you can send them a text message. We do not recruit very often which is why the status has not changed for some time. At present we do not know when we will be recruiting again however it will more than likely be in the summer at some point. Welcome on board
  16. GCI Application

    Hello sir, I cannot find your details in our server. Can you please join the mission and type something in to the chat so I can get your UCID.
  17. GCI Application

    Maverick I’d like to be added to the gci roster please. Rogue54
  18. New to Teamspeak

    Hi, Hope you are all having a wonderful day Most of teamspeak seems pretty straight forward but I'm old school. I will stand outside of an office door after knocking until I hear someone invite me in. So where am I allowed to go on the TS server, I mean besides not entering the obvious 'do not disturb' areas of course. I would like to try out for the 104th and I read that I should approach the infamous IronMike but if he's in the office and I'm not sure if I'm allowed in, how can I approach him? I know the recruitment is closed at the moment but it seems nothing has changed in a while on the forums anyway so are you still using the forums to notify? I know you use Facebook too. I wrote a message on Facebook but I got no reply. Teamspeak, I sat in the Newbie Lounge for days and no one from 104th came in to say hello. In fact I answered queries that others had while I was in there...my pleasure. I appreciate sometimes people are busy. Hope to hear from you soon. Krazee S!
  19. Operation Longbow

    I think we really need a FARP farther forward Northwest from Senaki. FARP Phoenix is the northern most and if the JTACs are used up the flight is too long from other FARPS, especially if Red Air is active and contesting the airspace over Gali. At Gali, Red side helos can set up manpads and push from it to attack Senaki or Kutaisi, while Blue has to push twice the distance from Phoenix just to get to Gali, Sukhumi is even further.
  20. Server down as of at least 8:20pm PST
  21. GCI Application

    Hi. I just entered a cs I just entered something into chat on the server. Rooster
  22. I did this a few months ago in a weekend project. Bought a relative cheap QSP car seat/mount and some scaffolding pipes that are used normally to make banners. 4x 230mm fans are cooling the wooden case were the PC sits in. Everything is robust, ty-wrapped down and easy to clean . I have put some wheels under it to move it around when I need to. EVGA 980 GTX, I5-6600K 4.4Ghz, 16 GB ram.
  23. Operation Longbow

    - Could you add a radio channel to the briefing? Just for the helicopters, we are on 30.00 by default.
  24. Operation Longbow

    Suggestion: - Creating some fixed locations with the CTLD script were helicopters can bring crates to and build a SAM site. - Gali farp is contested alot, the farp suffers when a single bomb destroys the farp vehicles, Mistrals can not re-arm, can we get a option to respawn those vehicles? Either with crates or something else? - Would it be possible to give the helicopters the option to create a HMMV TOW/Vulcan or ZU-23 AAA emplacement? Or does that crash the server also? Thanks for the mission, I like spamming those manpads.
  25. Feed.. hmm makes me hungry!

  26. GCI Application

    Callsign: Darkstar-Moose Country: USA I fly on the E-3G as a back-end operator for the USAF and have 3 years of experience working alongside Air Battle Managers. I have provided GCI support and control on the buddyspike Blue Flag Server regularly.

    Waxer USA No previous GCI experience. Employed as an En Route (ARTCC) Air Traffic Controller with the FAA since 2010 which includes extensive experience with US military ops. Have been participating on DCS servers for ~2 years. Looking to gain GCI experience and help the cause. Thanks for your consideration.
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