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  1. Yesterday
  2. bisquick

    checking if im banned

    Checking for a reply.. Can I get let out of the ban box p-lease?
  3. This is more than likely (98%), the worst community in the DCS community. Fuck MANAWAR, fuck Australia, fuck NZ, fuck Scotland, fuck Ireland, fuck all you motherfuckers! Lick on my balls, and know I just pissed myself. YOU PUNK ASS BITCHES!!!!
  4. Last week
  5. Jove

    2015 Goal

    So, when the fuck is the goal going to be reached? I’ve run out of money so many times that my bank cant keep up with my credit card.
  6. yanyu

    banned help!!!

    hello,gentlemen, I am yanyu, and I found why I cannt connect to your server because my dcs count name is muyu1208 , and this name was banned. I really sorry about my behavior before , I appologize. so, I hope I can get help. good luck to your everyone! your sincerely yanyu 8-18
  7. Talon6

    104th Recruitment "OPEN"

    Name: John Craighill aka Talon6 Age 51 years young. Time flying DCS:4 years Preferred A/C: F/A 18 Reason for applying: I am an Army infantry veteran who served in Operation Desert Shield/ Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom 3 in 2004 to 2005. Now 100% disabled due to PTSD. As I have so much time on my hands, Playing DCS is my past time. I wish to join as a fighter/ intercept and or Bomber in the f/a 18 hornet, I am a man of virtue, integrity, strong morals and values and principles. I will remain dedicated to the 104th. However, there may be times when the wife will want me to join dinner, which I hope you can make acceptions. ohh yeah, my time zone is est. Please accept my application and you may contact me at john_craighill@aol.com. I will provide a phone number in private as well if you wish. BTW, I have flown a few missions with Larry, who has taught me quite a bit. Sincerely, John
  8. 7Hay


    DCS Callsign: №15 |Gandalf77 Country: USA Details of any previous DCS GCI: I have don alot of GCI instructions when they where open and in other servers as well i think im familiar with the Callings
  9. Jove

    Harrier Jump Jet

    I don't know about you ladies, but I believe --- I will be spending a lot, I mean, alot of time in the McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier first to strike, first to fight o7 wiki due the sauce
  10. Jove

    Erased OS

    Welp, I'm about to drop 10.5k on a Mac, hope it works out.... o7 thats USD
  11. It's hard to arm a tree


  12. 3 words.... random access memory
  13. bisquick

    checking if im banned

    came here to post to see if im banned. i checked the banbox in the TS server and was told i had a 24hr ban for a TK. i was on TS and a teammate directed to ground attack an apron southwest of a certain airfield, i attacked it with mk82s and turned out a friendly helo had landed there. apparently it was a 104 admin because i was quickly banned. apologies for the TK but i was following the rules of coordinating my attack on TS. waited a week and checked back but looks like im still banned. maybe im banned for other reasons?
  14. Earlier
  15. WhiskeyZ

    104th Recruitment "OPEN"

    Name: Zach Woock (C/S: Wookiee/Whiskey) Age: 27 Time flying DCS: +8 years Preffered A/C: F/A-18, A-10C Reasons for applying: I've been watching some of the streams as of late. I used to play a fair amount of DCS and FC way back when and I've been looking to get back into it. Based on your streams you guys use Marshall CATCC, approach, and paddles all the way down to the deck and that's something I've been looking at getting into inside the sim world. I'm a former USMC Officer candidate who medically separated in 2012 without touching a bird. Current civilian pilot for Delta Connection as a Captain. I am a S3 rated controller on VATSIM for the last 5 years working at the New York airports so I am very familiar with civilian phraseology and procedures. If you guys would like to have a "full time" CATCC controller using proper phraseology I'd like the opportunity to train in that role. Thank you for your time.
  16. PointBlank

    104th Recruitment "OPEN"

    Name: Zach Colton (PointBlank) Age: 26 Time flying DCS: since LOMAC days Preffered A/C: FA18, A10, AV8bNA Reasons for applying: been flying in the 104th server for upwards of 4 years now off and on. Great community, enjoy every minute of it. Have been flying almost daily for the past year, and am hooked more and more with all the modules getting developed. Want to get integrated into the 104th officially to compete in SATAL and other community tournaments. I love that the 104th has a big focus on pvp and strengthening themselves against rivals. And I enjoy the competition I face flying against you gents, I can't seem to find it anywhere else... I am a licensed pilot in real life though I am 8+ years out of currency (career and life have gotten in the way). Already have real world experience in formation flying, and IFR.
  17. 104th_Maverick

    What age do i have to be?

    Hi Simon! There is no age requirement my friend you can take part in our server and join our teamspeak and interact with the community at any time. As a Squadron however we do not recruit members who are under the age of 18 so unfortunately you would not be eligible to apply for training for a few years yet, but as I mentioned you are more than welcome to come and fly with us at any time young man! Good luck!
  18. SimonVrTatt

    What age do i have to be?

    I was just wondering what age is required to be a part of this community. I am a 14 year old boy and i would consider myself mature.
  19. 069_Specter

    104th Recruitment "OPEN"

    Name: Clarke Wardle ( Call sign: Specter - ED Forum Name: mithandra) Age: 48 Time flying DCS: 20 + years Preferred Aircraft: F/A-18, AV8B, A-10C, AV-8B, Gazelle, Huey (Although I have almost all modules) Reason for applying: I have been flying a long time and love every second in the air. I have been watching the YouTube streams from Maverick for a while now and the style of flying would just fit for me. In my personal time I do a lot of development with DCS. In the past i have released quite a few mods as the primary Modeller / Texture artist for BVFG. I have also some other projects on the go. I look forward to hearing from someone in the near future. Thank you,
  20. de_Pawel

    104th Recruitment "OPEN"

    Name: Paul Valenstein (Callsign TBD) Age: 30 Time flying DCS: On-and-Off for 4 years Preferred Aircraft: F/A-18, F-15, Mirage, A-10C, AJS-37, Su-25T, AV-8B (But I rotate through all of them) Reason for applying: I've been playing flight simulators and combat simulators since my early days (remember US Navy Fighters on MSDOS?). I've been following the 104th, for a while now, but I never did the math, and continued to fly by myself. This is no way to go about flying in any aspect. If you accept me into your ranks, I will bring with me an unmatched dedication. If you challenge me, I will face your challenge and exceed your expectations. Anyone who goes into learning to fly-even the basics-hoping to just squeak by, or put in the minimum required isn't cut out for it. I come to you admitting where I lack, and also saying with confidence that if you give me the arena, I will bring the motivation to develop my skills. In the real world, I am no stranger to aviation. I've been flying since I was a baby. I am now an instrument-rated pilot, and an Air Traffic Controller, with a Bachelors of Science in Aerospace. As you can tell, this isn't just a game to me; it's my livelihood. I also have a specialty in aircraft recognition, and have even been part of competitions, where I've scored in the Top 5 nationally. I look forward to learning from you, and bringing out the best in my abilities. Thank you, Paul
  21. Thanks Mav, that's what I thought, it's all good now can join again, was just eliminating all options, still don't know why the server wouldn't show up for nearly 8 hours?
  22. If you had been banned mate you would still see the server in the list. Are you sure you are running ?
  23. think I might have been high ping / packet loss banned In game name: Dingo Game hung mid flight for several (30+) seconds, had to close out with task manager re-loaded DCS & tried to re-enter, server doesn't show up in mp lists and can't connect by IP
  24. TheLawSE

    104th Recruitment "OPEN"

    Name: Brandon C. Chamberlin (Callsign: The Law) Age: 45 Time Flying in DCS: Approximately 3.5 years Preferred Aircraft: F-15C, F/A-18C Reason for applying: Hi guys! Thanks for the opportunity to apply. Reason for applying?? -Because the coolest mofo's in DCS belong to 104th that's why! Nothing like the comradery of flying with a regular crew of professional pilots who excel at both casual/professionally AND who you look forward to flying with daily. 104th is comprised of my most favorite people to fly with and that's the most important reason for me. I fell in love with the F-15C fighter since the moment I discovered there was such a thing! My first PC flight simulator was F-15 Strike Eagle by Microprose in 1986 followed-up by F19 Stealth Fighter for the PC in 1987, several other titles by Microsoft, Microprose and later by Novalogic including F-22 Lightning III multiplayer which I played obsessively from 1999 through 2005 before it's online demise. During 1999 I joined the Solo Elite squadron, a skilled F22 squad to whom I've been loyal to every since. Unfortunately, that squad has split several times and no longer plays flight sims though I have remained loyal to our history. I did, however meet a life-long friend from that squad, 4Aces whom I've known personally since 2000. So after delving into DCS 3+ years ago I have flown almost exclusively on 104th server. Now that includes probably 3 2-6 month breaks due to complexities of family life/death and running a small biz. Anyways, after hearing about your recruiting opening up, I debated if I have flown enough recently to warrant your consideration. I decided, hell yeah I do! I love flying with you guys and I miss flying with you. I'm a hopeless lifer when it comes to multiplayer fighterjet combat. I've been gone due to some life/death and biz situations but ready to get back in the saddle. I would love a shot at 104th and would give those damned UPT's my very best to meet your qualifications if given the chance. Thanks again for your consideration -Brandon
  25. Sneak69

    104th Recruitment "OPEN"

    Name: Wade Welsh (Callsign: "Sneak69") Age: 33 Time Flying in DCS: 6+ years Preferred Aircraft: Anything Reason for applying: I have always wanted to join a squadron of guys to trian with and learn DCS with. 104th seems like a the perfect fit because they seem to value family and real life above all else. I have many hours in flight sims. Been simming since I was in grade 3 with the first flanker game as my first experience. My first online squadron was 323 in Jane's f18 and I have been hooked on flight sims online since then. I look forward to joining (if selected) the 104th and learning even more from a strong team. thank you for your consideration. - Wade
  26. Raijin

    104th Recruitment "OPEN"

    Name: Ricardo Hiroshi Uchimura (Raijin) Age: 38 Time flying in DCS: 1 month Preferred Aircraft: F-18, A10, AV8, AH-1, F-14 Reason for applying: I always admired military aviation, it was my dream since I was a kid. But living in a country where military is not a priority the chances I would end piloting one were close to zero to I selected another path since. But the dream was always alive, and it was when I discovered DCS and this amazing community. Well, although it's clear I don't stand a chance against the other more qualified fellow candidates I'd like to point that as a new cadet I will give all my best to follow my instructor's command and be the best cadet ever. Compromise and commitment that's what I will bring with me to this honorable Squadron. Vivo morte refecta mea Thank you, Raijin
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