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    TY and will do
  3. Hi Guest, Thank you for your donation of $10.00. We look forward to improving our infrastructure with your donation. Thank You 104th Phoenix VFBS
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    Ban removed, please be more careful in future sir, particularly with the Mirage. Welcome back
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    Good afternoon. I got banned from the 104th server over the weekend. The ban was called for however I never had the intent of intentionally TKing (I'm too old for that nonsense). Two scenarios that had occurred. 1. In F-14 with radar off flying with a group of other ACs. I got shot and i think another AC in group got shot. Due to being shot Jester was dead and no way to for me to get ID on what I thought was the AC that was engaging us. I fired A heater at the target and TK'd a friendly. 2. (same session after being frustrated with F-14) In M2000 about to take off fully knowing enemy ACs were in area. Waited for radar to be fully warmed up and right after takeoff I locked what I thought was enemy and fired a radar missile. This engagement I am not sure about. Obviously I shot down a friendly (I feel highly competent in M2000 IFF activation) but to this day i feel like here was no diamond displayed over radar target. Long story short I enjoy DCS and your server. Not here to be a malicious idiot. A lot of people I regularly fly with are on your server. Is there a way to get unbanned? Appreciate the assistance in advance. Mike (Horvald)
  7. Callsign: pYlot Country: Hungary I'm one of them ancient DCS GCI guys. Together with Maverick, we organised the Cross the Pond DCS event. I also controlled on VATSIM and.. IRL. I was an enroute ATC trainee. Now I'm an ATPL student and pilot. Currently on my way back to DCS. Will buy my new PC this month. GCI duties can be a good way to get back into the furball. See you soon!
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  9. Name: A. Perry (Perry) Age: 18 Time Flying in DCS: Just under a year. (About 11 months) Preferred aircraft: F/A-18, Su-27, UH-1 Reason for applying: I have been flying in DCS for just under a year now (august 2019) and have become very keen to learn more about the aircraft I fly and improve my abilities in them. When I began to fly I struggled to find a community or server that would allow me to improve my skills as a virtual pilot in an environment that focuses on teamwork, I believe I found this on the 104th multiplayer server as the level of teamwork and openness to beginners impressed me greatly. The overall quality and clear effort that goes into the production of the missions is very impressive and from my experiences the missions provide a competitive environment that allows players to build on basic skills in a fun environment. My first flight sim was IL-2 Sturmovik which I flew for a year before becoming bored with the simplicity of the aircraft as I wanted to be able to complete the processes and procedures involved in the operation of the aircraft in more detail. Once I started playing DCS I knew I had found a new hobby that I will stick with for a very long time. In the future I am looking to find a job within aviation and if possible, joining the RAF as I am passionate about a military career in the future. Currently I am an archery coach, this job has shown me that I enjoy communicating with people and working with people to improve their and my own skills. Within archery I am very competitive and I am always looking to find ways to improve my technique and abilities, I believe this trait has carried over to DCS and allows me to improve quickly within DCS as I am constantly looking to improve and enjoy feedback from others on how I can improve. I know there are various areas I require improvement in within DCS and it is my hope that with the help of the 104th I can become a more effective player in my favourite hobby. Since starting DCS I have had a passion for researching military aviation; for example, military procedures/tactics and radio communications. Overall, I have been impressed with the openness and skill of everyone in the 104th I have had the pleasure of flying with. I hope that by sending this application I will have the chance to improve myself within DCS and add more to the 104th by working hard and applying my time to the unit. Thank you for reading my application, Perry.
  10. Hello I am am a new guy here who have applied to become a new member of 104th. I load the UPT 1 mission and once i completed it, i exit the server and a trk/track file was created. Later i tried to review my track file but i am unable to see my own flight. The only thing i can see is that im hovering up in the air above the airport and i can see my head movement like im sitting in the plane, but there are no plane. ( i did remember to unpause by the way ) ;-) when i press f2 the screen blink and nothing happen.. when i press F10 i can see there are no unit on the map. I notised the clock on the map is running normaly I thought, oh maybe im locked out due to restrictions in the mission. ( it say in the briefing we are not allowed to view in external mode ect so i dident ). foor the purpose of testing i tried to edit my track. i tried to rename the track/trk file to miz and then i edit the mission and allow external view and also so i can see everything on the map. In the editor i could see the plane parked in the airport by the way. Then i save and run the mission again.. But i still cannot jump to my plane.. when i try to review the track/mission when i press F2 it just blink one time and then nothing happen as before I was wondering if the trk player is broken after a recent update ? I recorded my flight when i was flying with a VR headset...AND i also tried to do a quick test without VR just ordinary dcs where i just use the mouse to look arround.... The track file still does not work properbly. I tried loading the UTP missions 1-2-3 in dcs world 1,5 and 2,5 and in 1,5 they do not work ( cant select a plane ) in 2,5 the mission load and i can fly it and save a track.. but the track does not work. Is the UPT 1-2-3 qualification mission broken/old, or is it supposed to be locked somehow so we cannot see the replay. ? What should i do/try ? Thanks in advance track file 4,6mb its from my Vr flight https://ufile.io/nd6fslu1
  11. Name..: Peder ( Callsign " Delle " ) I have desided to cancel my application. I found a European flight wing instead who also is serious and have training ect.. and i think the timezone fit my own better than 104th Phonix does. And also i could not get the track file of the UTP1-2-3 missions to work when i review them. And nobody have replyed my help request yet regarding the above . Sincerely Delle.
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  13. Hello mate, If you come and find me on TS I will get you added to the group.
  14. Come and find me on TS sir and we will get you added
  15. Hi MacVision3D, Thank you for your donation of $20.00. We look forward to improving our infrastructure with your donation. Thank You 104th Phoenix VFBS
  16. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving our infrastructure with your donation. Thank You 104th Phoenix VFBS
  17. headed_horseman Maryland, USA (GMT -4) No ATC/GCI experience, but I want to learn. 5 years of ED flight sim experience. SRS capable. Experienced in carrier and shore based operations on 104th and Growling Sidewinder.
  18. Hi, you were banned for teamkilling a friendly tanker with a Phoenix Missile. You must understand how to IFF if you want to fly in our server so you do not kill friendly aircraft. Please make sure you know how to IFF and use extra care when firing in the future. Ban removed
  19. Fallen

    Banned for TK

    what is your DCS callsign?
  20. Hello. Sorry for my first misstep. It's possible unban soon? In 8.7.2019 this week wish with friend try 104 server. Without next missteps of course. Thnks.
  21. Name: Isaias Teixeira (Callsign: "CACTUS") Age: 20 Time Flying in DCS: 4-5 years. Preferred Aircraft: F-18,F-14 Reason for applying: I honestly would like to join mainly because i have been looking for a professional squad for so long and they end up disbanding all the time, so i've been watching a lot of videos on here, been playing a lot on your servers and have enjoyed it so far so hope i make it in thank you for your time. Cheers.
  22. Hi Guest, Thank you for your donation of $20.00. We look forward to improving our infrastructure with your donation. Thank You 104th Phoenix VFBS
  23. Name: Bill Horvath (Callsign: "Gunsliger") Age: 21 Time Flying in DCS: 4-5 years. Preferred Aircraft: F-14 Reason for applying: The 104th, while being known for its aerial prowess and excellence, I find is most appealing because it's filled with the best people the DCS community has to offer. Id find it a great pleasure to officially be part of the squadron to further enjoy DCS and improve my flying. Cheers.
  24. Name: Tom Gielen (Callsign Dj-Switch) Age: 44 Time Flying in DCS: I been flying in DCS now for about 2 Years Preferred Aircraft: F-15 F/A-18 J11 SU-27 Mirage 2000 A10-C F-14 AV8B Viggen. Helo AH-1 Huey Mi-8 KA-50 F-16 JF-17 when they come out. Props spitfire dora fw190 fw109 p51. Reason for applying: Goh where do i begin. I started flying in sims 20 years ago. Janes and AH 64 longbow Falcon 4.0. My uncle fly's F16 for the belgian airforce. My dad always flew model planes. So i been in love with aircraft all my life. My eyes are verry bad so there was no piloting for me :(. Anyway i started out in the A10-C for about 7 months moved to the AV8B and after that i slowly got in to air to air. I found the 104th server and been flying there for about 1 year. I always tried to get more information and what how and when. I asked myself the question what Squadron i would apply too to get more knowledge and a bit more training. In then end i came to the conclusion i only like to play on the 104th and with the people there. I been on TS the last year and i know most of the people there. I guess flying with Titanfire Octuple Street blaze Dozer fallen bullet guppy and all the others from time to time for a short while and my intrest in learning brought me here. Huge thx too titanfire and blaze and street for helping me with training so far btw. I am full of mistakes when i fly but i have had the best times in dcs so far on the 104th. (:D) Ty for considering.
  25. Name: Lars W. (Callsign: "Slammer") Age: 21 Time Flying in DCS: If been flying DCS now for about 3 Years if not longer Preferred Aircraft: F/A-18 (F-16 when it comes out) Reason for applying: If been looking a long time to join a squadron and a community where i belong where i feel at home, and i found it, i want to learn more about the procedures i can use for online and tactics to make me a better pilot, i know to basics but i'm eager to learn more and make myself better. Also i love the teamwork i see every time i see you guys fly and i love that, See you all in the sky's
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