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  2. Conformation of Iceman's involvement in Top Gun: Maverick Hahaha
  3. 104th_Maverick

    Hello, hello!

    Welcome back sir!
  4. Guppy

    Hello, hello!

    Hey all - Some of you might already recognize my handle from your server, others may recognize me from about 12+ years ago when I used to fly with Polecat, Mustang and Manawar back when 169th Panthers were a thing; great guys to fly with. Back then I was a fiery, sarcastic High Schooler... now a little less fiery. I figured I would just say hello since I pretty much exclusively fly on your server unless I feel like flying on one of the aero servers. I've been a bit AWOL on your server as of late... mostly trying to practice flying and learning the new systems in the hornet - lots of fun. I saw you guys do recruitment twice a year; I shall look forward to applying when the time comes! See ya in the air! Gup
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  6. ((dB))

    Persian Gulf Appreciation

    I would like to thank you for making a server with this map. Being a Canadian Expat that live in the middle east it make a bit special to fly an Hornet with the 425 colors to a place I know quite well. I post into the suggestions sub forum because a few things if you may. In mission we keep receiving a message and in the briefing also it say Kalba City on DP23, I think it should say Dibba Al Fujairah since Kalba is a little more south in Sharjah https://www.google.com/maps/place/Kalba+-+United+Arab+Emirates/@25.0389556,56.2524445,11.19z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x3ef4f99211cc5fef:0xff824a7c7100f828!8m2!3d25.0510381!4d56.3488562 I read that all ships are a valid target but I don't have any point showing or message when I destroy them. Is it normal or I do something wrong? On a different note just to let you know, that it rain more in the 3 days that I play on the server then the 18 years I've been here Again thank you for all the work you doing for us to enjoy o7
  7. Farrago

    LotATC Controller Applications

    DCS Callsign: SF_Farrago Time Flying DCS: Since 2014 Controller Experience: Fairly limited VATSIM Rated Controller: No
  8. Money

    Banned due to packet loss?

    Stop by Teamspeak and go the the help desk if you see admins available. One of them can check your ping.
  9. Hi Mav,

    I know you like flying the little bird in ARMA, now I'm looking too buy this game ARMA , Question are you able to fly the Comanche and config the flying and weapons controls to be used with a joystick? also here is the link that has my interest in ARMA


    Please email me at cd2@telus.net when time permits.

    Thank You


  10. 104th_Maverick

    Congratulations to 104th_Dozer and 104th_Tiger

    A proud day, welcome to both of you! We win together and we lose together, honour, excellence and integrity! This means responsibility and ownership, ownership of your own actions and behaviour. Ownership of your own mistakes and failures, OWN them and learn from them, never look outside the cockpit for reasons of failure, you are responsible for every decision made in that aircraft and its fate is your responsibility. Find success in failure! If all you do is get angry when you get killed you are never going to improve. Question why you failed and evaluate solutions, be honest with yourselves, if you think you are hot shit but keep getting shot down all the time.... you are not hot shit! Never allow your ego to believe you are better than you are. You ARE going to fail ... a lot! What will decide if you make the jump from 'good' pilots to 'great' pilots is your ability to learn from these failures or not. Be there for your wingmen because they will be there for you, never run from a fight and leave your wingman in the shit, he has a duty to protect you and you have a duty to protect him, your wingman will die for you, you better make sure you are ready to die for your wingman! Remember that you are part of something that is bigger than yourself no matter how good you get, no pilot is bigger than our Squadron, YOU are part of the 104th, the 104th is NOT part of your programme! This means you are to conduct yourself like a professional when online and show respect to your opponents. Remember that everything you do and say represents our Squadron and all the work that has gone in to it since 2006, disrespecting this 12 years of heritage with inappropriate behaviour is seriously bad for your prospects as a 104th member. Never test our resolve on this, it will not end well for you. LISTEN TO WHAT YOU ARE BEING TOLD! Every winged member of this squadron is someone you can learn an incredible amount from, do not waste this opportunity, learn from everyone you fly with, ask questions, breakdown successes and failures and evaluate. Your journeys have just started welcome on board gentlemen, you're in for a hell of a ride! Mav
  11. Congrats and welcome! :)
  12. Alerax

    Banned due to packet loss?

    Hi, I think I was banned for packet loss (originally was on DSL connection). Recently moved to a new place with better connection and would like to request to for ban removed. Thanks in advance. DCS name: Alerax -Nate
  13. Thank you all in 104th for everything S! o7. For your time and patient, For the trainings (I know there are more ). Looking forward for what is coming up. Congrats Dozer Now I can relax little bit (Soon this week work starts) Looking forward my new birds S!
  14. *****CONGRATULATIONS**** to 104th_Dozer and 104th_Tiger, who today have passed their Carrier Qualification, the final exam in a 104th cadet's training programm. While showing mastery of their aircraft they passed with flying colors! It has been a long time in the making and well deserved! Welcome to the family, Dozer and Tiger, we hope you both will feel at home! Never forget: Honor. Excellence. Integrity. ;-) This was also a special Carrier Qualificaton for the 104th Phoenix VFBS, as it was the last time that we used the Su-33 for it (we will show you pictures of our farewell in the next post). In the future it will be done of course in either the Hornet or the Tomcat. We say thank you to the beautiful swan, that helped cadets for over 12 years to get their wings in the 104th Phoenix VFBS. Fare well, Su-33! S!
  15. Two more weeks Thanks for the upload!
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5dOLIqGQ-I
  17. Money

    Am I banned?

    Edokg, Saturdays usually best day as more admin are available to help you.
  18. Edokg

    Am I banned?

    UP...three months later...
  19. Voron

    why can not I connect to the server?

    I'm sorry if I broke the rules. I read the rules and I will follow them I ask you to give me a chance to dock my sereness
  20. Money

    why can not I connect to the server?

    Voron, You were banned in the server. I searched for the cause of the ban but was unable to find a reason. You are now unbanned. If any senior admin has cause to reinstated your ban then I am sure you will be notified here, other than that please make sure to read and adhere to the rules/regulations while on the server.
  21. Hi, I can not access your server you could not explain to me the reason? I think maybe it's ban, but I do not know the reason. can you explain the reason to me? thanks in advance I apologize for my english
  22. If you checked your ping in TS, it could possibly still be higher on the server when you are entering. Just in case, I would make sure you are not downloading, streaming or do not have other apps sending or receiving data in the background. One person from recent memory had multiple people streaming videos when he would attempt connection, causing his ping to go well above the server limit.
  23. hello ,he and I(my id is yanyu),we have checked our ping and our ping is about 200-220,but we still can't connect to server . Is there some other error ? thanks! best regards yanyu 4-1
  24. thank you very much!!
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