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  2. Small issue on for Reds CTLD. We're unable to select AA option F11- SA-3 repair & F12- EWR as this acts as the default Previous Menu & Exit.
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  4. Hello All I m 37 from UK. Had DCS for last 8 months. Was looking for a group to fly with so i ended up here with you lot. lol. I am far from being an expert in DCS but i am slowly getting better and still got allot to learn. Owned Aircraft: FC3, F-14B, F-18C, AV-8B, Spitfire, A-10C Owned Helicopters: UH-1H Owned Maps: Normady, NTTR, Persian Gulf Owned Modules: WW2 Asset Pack, Combined Arms I am somewhat experienced in AV-8B & F-14B, still learning other aircraft. Question: 1: I tried joining your Teamspeak but was unable to connect? Can i have some assistance with that? 2: Does 104th have a Discord Channel? Looking forward flying with you lot. Regards Ben
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  6. Hello sir, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We had some hardware our issues with our machine so it was offline for a couple of weeks, its back up and running now however.
  7. Hi SnowTiger, Thank you for your donation of $5.00. We look forward to improving our infrastructure with your donation. Thank You 104th Phoenix VFBS
  8. Operation Abruzzi Operation Abruzzi is a medium scale base capture mission featuring and East vs West aircraft set up. Both sides have the ability to shut down each others airbases as well as attack strategic targets located throughout the map. Once an enemy has destroyed all ground units protecting an airfield the friendly coalition will no longer be able to spawn at that airbase. Red Airbases = Tbilisi, Vaziani, Beslan, Mozdok, Nalchik and Min Vody Blue Airbases = Kutaisi, Senaki, Batumi and Kobuleti. Scenario Russian forces have invaded Georgia and seized the capital of Tbilisi and its surrounding areas. After putting up some resistance the Georgian Government called for NATO to assist in the region resulting in an escalation of the conflict. This has led to NATO forces landing on the Eastern shores of the Black Sea while Russia tries to strengthen its position in Tbilisi by sending reinforcements through the Transkam Road and the Darial Gorge. Target Areas Bullseye South Bullseye North Bullseye East (Tbilisi) Target locations are given as a position from BULLSEYE. To get target coordinates use the F10 map and ruler tool. Draw a line to the target using the BRA information given in the briefing and note down the coordinates. Alternatively you can leave a marker on the F10 map and navigate that way.
  9. Hi bogdan, Thank you for your donation of $10.00. We look forward to improving our infrastructure with your donation. Thank You 104th Phoenix VFBS
  10. Route

    Server offline

    Server has gone down. Cannot see it on either the stable version or on the beta lists. Even SRS isn't conencting. Any issues?
  11. Hello, I believe I was banned from 104th a while back when I was still learning how to use all the systems. Probably did something stupid, but I've been unable to reach the server since. My callsign would have either been Darb or usafmiller8. Any way I can be allowed back on?
  12. As some of you may know, yesterday I made some pretty stupid comments while flying with 104th members whom were streaming. I was immediately banned (rightfully so) and just wanted to issue an apology. These comments which were made in a drunken state were completely uncalled for and there is absolutely no excuse for what was said no matter how much I had been drinking. Knight and Fallen both reached out to me and described everything I said that was considered offensive which were directed to one 104th member. I then re-watched the stream which had said comments and couldn't believe what I had said. I reached out to the member through PM to issue my apology. At first, I thought it was only him who was offended by my stupid actions. However, it was brought to my attention that other 104th members were also extremely offended by what I had said and that I had essentially attacked every 104th member. As a result, I am writing this apology so all 104th members can see. I am not asking for sympathy or an unban. I am merely wanting to tell each and every one you that I am truly sorry for my actions. These comments do not represent who I am as a person. I have been flying with a lot of you guys for the last 5 years or so and would love to continue to do so. However, I fully understand that some or even all of you guys will not forgive what I said. As I said above, no amount of intoxication is an excuse for what was said. To any member who was offended please reach out to me directly either through PM or any other method. I would like to speak to each of you individually to issue a more personal apology and would like to do it with my own voice instead of through text. I know this post will do very little to mend ties and I may never be allowed to fly with 104th again. I just wanted all 104th members to know that I am deeply sorry. It was great flying with you guys. Please PM me on here or on Steam (TexRagoon). I would like to hear from you guys regardless if you accept this apology or not. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Best regards, -Daniel
  13. Name: TexRagoon Apparently I was banned from TS for apparently being "Racist". I don't have an issue being banned if it was rightfully deserved, I am just wanting to know what I said exactly. I had the day off and was drinking a lot which is why I probably said something stupid as to which I say I don't mind the ban if I really did say something stupid... Thanks. **Edit** Not that it matters but I've been around 104th for the last 6 years or so... I would like to keep that going and would like to issue an apology for anything offensive I may have said today. Fallen advised me what I said exactly... As I said above, I agree with my ban for being drunk and stupid... I would just like to give an apology to Sharken over voice and not text...
  14. Hi SnowTiger, Thank you for your donation of $5.00. We look forward to improving our infrastructure with your donation. Thank You 104th Phoenix VFBS
  15. HP Reverb available for preorder on Amazon. Go git it! PoleCat Out
  16. 104th_Maverick


    Gilmar that guy is not a member of our Squadron so please pay no attention to him. If you need help please join our teamspeak server, however we will need to find out the name you got banned under for you to be unbanned.
  17. Gilmar


    I understand, sir, you are right.I will not bother you anymore.Thanks anyway.
  18. 104th_Maverick


    You must have been banned under a different callsign as there is no one our banned list called Gilmar. Have you flown under a different name?
  19. Gilmar


    I do not know what the problem is. Here's the picture(http://prntscr.com/neoxiz) Mr. 104th_Maverick, I'm watching your video clips and I'm learning slowly, I think I'm still not ready for your server.If you need more information, I will gladly forward it.Thank you in any case.
  20. I have been banned for several months for accidentally killing a teammate. I apologize again for that. Would it be possible to reinstate me thank you in advance I have been banned for several months for accidentallu killing a teammate. i apologize again for that. Would it be possible to unbanned me ? Thank you in advance, Krimo321
  21. 104th_Maverick


    There is no one matching that name on our banned list sir.
  22. Gilmar


    Banned but do not recall why?I'm pretty new in game.I probably did something wrong.....My name on server "Gilmar" If any of my behavior violate the rules of the server, I sincerely apologize. Any chance of getting unbanned?
  23. No worries Mav! My pleasure to donate!
  24. Hello sir, would love to have you on board! Come and find me on TS when you have some free time and I'll get you set up!
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