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    Fallen and Money Promoted!

    Please join me in congratulating 104th_Fallen and 104th_Money on their recent promotions to Flight Instructors! Fallen has shown his level of enthusiasm and commitment to the Squadron since coming on board as a cadet over a year ago to be of the highest order. He starts his FI journey as one of our junior instructors initially focusing formation, Air to Air Refuelling and Carrier Recovery training of our latest round of cadets. As he matures in to this role and gets more instruction himself, we will see him take more of a focus on tactics and weapons employment towards the end of the year. Money has been with the Squadron a long time and has had a cold hard thirst for BFM for his entirety with us. His BFM skills are on par with some of the best BFM pilots in the sim and we feel its about time we took advantage of this and shared his skills with our members. Money comes on board specifically as a BFM instructor and will work alongside 104th_Stuge to provide our members with 1st class BFM training sessions to continue to up the Squadrons dog fighting skills. Congratulations to you both!
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    New Donation Guest

    No worries Mav! My pleasure to donate!
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    104th Blaze Promoted

    We are pleased to announce that 104th_Blaze has been promoted to Flight Instructor and will join our training team! Blaze has been part of the Squadron for many years now and has proven to be a reliable and highly skilled team player who has been instrumental in the Squadrons success over the past few years. Blaze will primarily be tasked with teaching our new comers air to air tactics in the BVR arena as well as helping to co-ordinate new tactics for the Squadron. His high level of commitment and professionalism is something we hope he can pass on to our latest round of recruits and future cadets, to help the Squadron continue to grow stronger year on year. Welcome on board the staff team Blaze, good luck sir!
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    New Donation Dozer

    Hi Dozer, Thank you for your donation of $20.00. We look forward to improving our infrastructure with your donation. Thank You 104th Phoenix VFBS
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    TOPGUN tower flyby

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    USAF Virtual Reality Findings

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    I'am banned

    Just checked, i'am not banned anymore. Maybe another admin did delete me from the banned list. Thank you very much for your effort sir! EDIT: Just wanted to play on your server and somehow i'am banned again. Can you check the list please? I appreciate your help with this problem.
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    Thanks for the prompt reply.
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    Please join us on our Dedicated Teamspeak Server to heighten your air battle experience! Server Address : Server Password : phoenix
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