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    Hey Gang, another informative video, anyone who has seen Jetstream will recognize Riel "Gunz" Erickson
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    GCI Application DanielNL

    Denied. After some consideration regarding your history with our squadron we have decided not to grant you access.
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    Server Updates

    Gents, Can you post something about how you plan to upgrade 104th Servers given the DCS impending plans for 2.5 releases noted on their website ? Don't want to "upgrade/patch" myself out of the 104th as we go from 1.58 OB and 2.2.0 OA to 2.5 beta.. then public. Thanks and Semper Fi
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    Approved and added
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    GCI Application

    DCS Callsign: =RvE=Jman Country: USA Details of any previous GCI activity if any: Provided GCI through many blue flag rounds (buddyspike), team events, and 104th Phoenix.
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    6 Airbases to capture and hold in the battle-zone,Spawnable aircraft at newly captured airbases,Ability to recapture lost airbases,Airbase upgrade rewards using heavy transport aircraft,Anti-ship mission rewards,Deepstrike Targets,Simple Radio,Locked GCI slots that are open for sign up,AWACS,AFAC,JTAC,Tankers,Weapon Restrictions Soon™ Hopefully this weekend
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    Yes, it looks like this ..... We've edited the mission times so more day missions are in rotation again now.
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