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    Awesome, welcome gents! Shared this video on our Squadron Facebook!
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    An introduction video of our squadron. Hope to fly with all of you guys in an event soon. Come visit us at our website/forum if you'd like! www.vfs33rd.com
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    Team Speak Profanity

    I thank you sir for addressing this as I'm reasonably confident that most people feel the same, but are reluctant to say so in fear of ridicule. Like yourself, I can cuss up a storm myself, I actually do so often, but there is a time and place where it is deemed appropriate/acceptable, TeamSpeak in my opinion is not one of them unless the channel is dedicated for just that. In my opinion, people need to realize that they are not the only people on that channel, and it is inappropriate too assume that it is acceptable to all. many thanks again for your attention to this matter. I enjoy hoping into your server and hopping in a channel where the focus is working with others to have fun and take care of business :}, thank you for the opportunity to express myself as well.
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