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    104th Recruitment "CLOSED"

    Application for 104th Phoenix Name: Phillip strong callsign (Burner) Age: 25 Flying Time in DCS: 3 years + Preferred Aircraft: Mirage 2000 , Su-27 F-15 (some what) Reason for applying: I want to improve my combat skills and become a better combat pilot. I have also flown on this server many of times and enjoy flying with people and conversation about the same interest we all have in military aircraft. I also received a lot of help from other 104th members in some missle avoidances ect.
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    104th Recruitment "CLOSED"

    Application for 104th Phoenix Name: Jon Dixon (callsign: "Roobarb") Age: 35 Flying Time in DCS: About 7 years on and off. 2 years online. Preferred Aircraft: F-15C, A-10C, Mirage 2000 Reason for applying: Looking to build on what I have developed on my own and learn from the best. Want to become part of a great online community: have flown on the 104th server for about 8 months. Recently flown a couple of A-10C missions with Stuge and was really impressed with his encouragement for other players and general all round knowledge of DCS. What I can offer: commitment, eagerness to learn, and willingness to represent the squadron if I'm good enough to make an ordinary member.
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