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    104th Recruitment "CLOSED"

    Name: Jared E Moore "Fallen" Age: 27 Time Flying in DCS: 1 year Preferred Aircraft: F15 Eagle, Tomcat. Reason for applying: I want to be a part of the leading edge of our community, and part of the best squadron in all of combat aviation sims. I believe that I will be an asset to the 104th, and I am looking forward to enjoying the training provided. I have enjoyed flying with every member of the 104th that I have had the pleasure of meeting and look forward to the many years of teamwork to come!
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    Money and Tiger

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    Congratulations to our new cadets!

    Congratulations to our 2 new cadets 104cdt_horAz (yeah, it's an A mate lol) and 104cdt_Veritech who both passed their UPTs with proficiency and dedication. We are very proud of you! We hope that you feel right at home here, that you have a lot of fun in training and with your new fellow members and that you settle in asap. Best of luck with your training and congrats again, well done! S!
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    Hello 104th... Today we had an enjoyable time in Banja Luka, capital city of Republika Srpska entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Me and my friend (squadmate) =238.lbae=Fenix met finally my many years DCS friend TIGER. We did not have much time but we have a good talk and a little fooling around... I'm always glad to meet and get to know good people. Next time i hope we will have much more time and organise some grill, rakija...beer. Me and Tiger: Tiger and Fenix: S! Falcon
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    IronMike joins Heatblur Simulations!

    Dear Squad members, dear friends, dear community! For the past time every day felt already as the happiest day in my life, but now it is official - since yesterday really every day is definately the happiest day in my life, so please let me share: I started working for Heatblur Simulations - and an incredible dream has come true! I can now help creating simulations for such magnificent aircraft as the F-14 Tomcat, which as you all know we are working on atm. My contribution in light of the extremely talented team is of course very humble, but I couldn't feel more honored to work in such an exceptional environment. I couldn't feel happier with the tasks I am given and I couldn't feel more proud to do what I do. I can now finally put all my creative skills that I learned in the past years to use for something I adore above all: flying, and namely: flying jets in a simulated environment (since they won’t let me in real life hehe). Wish me luck that I will perform always at my best and help – even if modestly - to give to this wonderful flight sim community what it deserves: the best possible experience in modern air combat simulation. Thank you all and above all a thousand thanks to Heatblur Simulations for giving me this incredible opportunity. It is very humbling indeed! I wasn’t that happy in a very long time The video below is me saying thank you while doing a victory curve in the AJS-37 Viggen, the aircraft module previously developed by Heatblur Simulations. Thank you again to everyone who came along so far! I couldn't feel anymore blessed! S! ~Yours 104th_IronMike https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfspBEPTEQY PS: Please give a bit time to settle in, before you bombard me with questions, I will also reveal what I will be doing at a bit later point. First things first, but rest assured that you and your sim experience will as always be at the core of my undertakings, as this community has always been and always will be for me!
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    Two More Weeks?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDWjLUvc6ck This is the PROPER reply to "Two More Weeks"
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    OP Fire_Shield suggestions

    Hey 104th Admin. First of all, thank you for everything, and I promise I have donated, just anonymously by accident. My suggestion is to add Mistral Gazelle spawns for red team at Maykop on OP fireshield. This is one of my favorite missions, as it encourages coordination and teamwork. Red team must defend maykop, and blue team strikers must communicate with CAP to effectively take the airfield. I feel that missions on the 104th where both roles overlap encourage much more dynamic gameplay, and are tons of fun. I think it would be really neat to add some mistral gazelles as spawn aircraft at maykop. Little "snakes in the grass" which could easily be dispatched by blue CAP, or solid A10c pilots. A KA50 could prob even manage to take them down. Lastly, I think it would be a nice addition to the briefing, if it's not already there, that red fighters can rearm and refuel at maykop, to encourage protecting the asset. Thanks again for everything, another donation coming when I'm able -Migdriver
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    Hey everybody!

    My name is Neon and I am a addict. Ok so I posted on the Facebook DCS multiplayer addict group and your unit was suggested. I have been playing flight sims since the age of about 5 mainly because I was a Air Force brat. I started out at Falcon one and played almost all of the flight sims though the late 80s and 90s. Heck I still have a copy of James Fighter anthology laying around along with my old Falcon 4 manual, which by the way is bigger than the actual Air Force manual. During my teen years my eyes went bad so I could become a pilot and ended up joining the army and stopped playing flight sims. Well fast forward many many years and I am out now and discovered DCS. Well thats me in a nut shell. See you in the sky.
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    We would like to congratulate 104th_Junior for passing his Carrier Qualification and earning his wings and full membership in the 104th! He excelled during his entire training with proficiency and patience and showed us his great skills during his Carrier Qualification, while the whole Squadron was watching. We are very proud of you Junior, you have earned it very much and we hope that you continue to feel at home with us and enjoy it every bit! Never forget: HONOR. EXCELLENCE. INTEGRITY. S!
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    Money and Tiger

    Nice screens. I just love the Mirage!!
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    Congratulations to our new cadets!

    Thank you lads!! Do my best to bring no shame on us
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    Name Calling / Abusive Chat

    Apparently dear Friends, it has become some kind of attitude on the server that name calling in the chat is ok. Let me tell you, as firmly as I can: It is not! The older admins haven't been flying much lately on the server, but we will order every admin now to ban everyone for abusive name calling / chat for 3 days - no exceptions. The DCS Community is a very mature community, and we have always seperated ourselves from other gaming communities because of that. We don't mind friends joking with each other, but accusations and abusive chat in any kind or form have no place here. Even if you get teamkilled, even if you think that the other guy behaved like a complete a-hole, set an example, be smarter, because if he is abusing you, he will get banned, and you will keep enjoying flying on our server. Even if no admin is present at that time, tell us about it, make a screenshot, and we will deal with it as soon as we are back online. We like to swear, too, we always did, but there is a place for everything and the context and the tone make the music, I can't stress that enough. If you just go by ordinary manners and logic, I am sure you will find no doubt in that. We know also that most of you don't mean harm, that it is a competitive environment - all that is fine, but all that competitiveness can exist without abusive name calling and chat, too. Like I said, we're not stupid and we won't now ban right and left if someone uses a foul word, but like I said, I think you all understand what I mean. That being said, we also like to thank most of you who excell at brilliant and friendly behaviour on our server and in the community time and time again, for your patience that you show newer guys, for your attention towards each other and your preparedness to help so generosly as most of you do. We couldn't be luckier with any other community and we are very grateful for that! Thank you all, again, and S!
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    104th in Bulgaria

    Some videos and pictures from the 104th's visit in Bulgaria last year. Video 1 Video 2 Enjoy
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    This is awesome guys, nice one! Great to see!
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    After 7 years flying together we met online on Teamspeak. We flew together on the flaming cliffs 2 event balkan against THK. (Propably you don't remember it ) puno hvala brate falcon & fenix.
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    Welcome to the 104th Phoenix VFBS Forum Take a moment to observe our forum rules before posting. Those who do not follow the rules will be warned or banned! FORUM RULES No Profanity (Keep It clean) No Adult content (sexually explicit and/or relating to the use of drugs and alcohol) No National, ethnic, racial, religious and sexual discrimination No Political Disputes No Piracy Links No Soliciting / Advertisement (Unless Approved) Members must treat other with respect and tolerance at all times. Material that is offensive, insulting or constitutes an attack against any individual or group will be subject to administrative actions. Administrative actions against forum members are not subject to public discussion. If you feel an action against you was unjust or otherwise inappropriate, please use the Private Messaging (PM) system to appeal the action to other forum staff members or the forum administrator. Multiple user accounts and proxy accounts are not allowed on this forum. Any such account will be removed.
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    Double Kill In My Mistral!

    After a rough few days on the server I ducked and weaved and dodged and lured 2 SU-27s in near a hilltop. The lead fired and missed just as I got around the hill then they both flew by. Fox 2 on the wingman and a few seconds later Fox 2 on the lead. Splash 2!!! DONT MESS WITH THE MISTRAL!
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    New Link for Chucks Guides

    I noticed that the links that chuck had for his guides are not working anymore. So I will let here the links for those I saved. Here is the link of the DCS Guides file https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4kqOBYxv9yTQW5NV0E2LUdXRms Thank you
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    New Link for Chucks Guides

    No, thank you, Tiger. Featured and Pinned! S!
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    Cheating and Hacking

    This is a warning to all cheaters or hackers on the 104th Server: 1. You will get caught. Always. Don't think you won't, it's the biggest mistake you can make on our server! 2. We will do everything in our power to get you banned on all significant servers as well and your account will be reported to Eagle Dynamics. 3. Not only will your account get banned, but we will take additional measures that you cannot reenter the server. Trust us, we are very resourceful like that. 4. You will get BANNED FOR LIFE. NO EXCEPTIONS. Even if you meant it as a joke, even if it was a small misstep and you feel terribly sorry afterwards, there will be no mercy shown to you - ever. And we will do everything in our power to make your DCS Multiplayer life a hell and misery as much as we can. 5. Anyone caught encouraging cheating proactively will be dealt with the same as a cheater. That includes explaining and describing how to cheat or hack in any kind or form as well. 6. Do not think that we will EVER get tired of chasing you. To be honest, we even enjoy it. Do not understimate our determination to get rid of cheaters, you will pay for it 100% of the time. 7. We preserve the right to ban anyone affiliated or associated with cheaters indefinately. Do not advocate a friend of yours who has cheated and try to get him unbanned. We will automatically ban you for that as well. 8. We believe in ONCE A CHEATER - ALWAYS A CHEATER. And nothing will ever convince us otherwise. CHEATERS/ HACKERS AND THOSE WHO SUPPORT THEM HAVE NO PLACE ON OUR SERVER! S!
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    Congratulations to our new cadets!

    Congrats gents! Welcome aboard and good luck in your training!
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    104th Recruitment "CLOSED"

    Name: Leandro "Veritech" Gemetro Age: 33 Time Flying in DCS: 3 years aprox. Preferred aircraft: Le Baguette Mk 2000. Reason for applying: Having been flying for a certain amount of time (and having been an military aviation enthusiast since I was 6), I felt that I needed a more "professional" environment where I could fly with more seriously as my experience was that of a lonewolf going for the kill, which I must say, defeats the realism as real world military operations are nothing but the opposite: a carefully orchestrated and co-ordinated operation where the achievements are of the whole team and not of an individual.
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    How I feel being an A10 Pilot at times on the server...
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    System deployment score

    we are looking into this, mate, thank you. As for the PTT, sorry for the late reply, but unfortunately we have to enforce it in order to protect our clients. you know how it is, 99% are doing it right, but because of that one idiot who spoils it for everyone, we have to put on the shackles. Nothing is more horrible than mouthbreathers ingame lol, and believe me, prior the PTT enforcement, there were plenty and there still are. It really shouldnt be a problem to free 1 button for it, everyone else can, and I am not preaching from high ground, I flew the Logitech 3d extreme pro for more than a year, and I had no problems using PTT. If you want, it is up to you, but pls understand, that this rule will not change anytime soon. The majority unfortunately still uses shitty mics. S!

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