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    My DIY seat and mount setup.

    I did this a few months ago in a weekend project. Bought a relative cheap QSP car seat/mount and some scaffolding pipes that are used normally to make banners. 4x 230mm fans are cooling the wooden case were the PC sits in. Everything is robust, ty-wrapped down and easy to clean . I have put some wheels under it to move it around when I need to. EVGA 980 GTX, I5-6600K 4.4Ghz, 16 GB ram.
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    Hey Gang, another informative video, anyone who has seen Jetstream will recognize Riel "Gunz" Erickson
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    6 Airbases to capture and hold in the battle-zone,Spawnable aircraft at newly captured airbases,Ability to recapture lost airbases,Airbase upgrade rewards using heavy transport aircraft,Anti-ship mission rewards,Deepstrike Targets,Simple Radio,Locked GCI slots that are open for sign up,AWACS,AFAC,JTAC,Tankers,Weapon Restrictions Soon™ Hopefully this weekend
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    Digital Christmas Tree Slinging: Gazelle Gotta love the flying in this video...
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    Operation Longbow

    I think we really need a FARP farther forward Northwest from Senaki. FARP Phoenix is the northern most and if the JTACs are used up the flight is too long from other FARPS, especially if Red Air is active and contesting the airspace over Gali. At Gali, Red side helos can set up manpads and push from it to attack Senaki or Kutaisi, while Blue has to push twice the distance from Phoenix just to get to Gali, Sukhumi is even further.
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    Time server rotates to

    Mission start times have been changed so you should see different day light settings.
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    GCI Application DanielNL

    Denied. After some consideration regarding your history with our squadron we have decided not to grant you access.
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    Server Updates

    Gents, Can you post something about how you plan to upgrade 104th Servers given the DCS impending plans for 2.5 releases noted on their website ? Don't want to "upgrade/patch" myself out of the 104th as we go from 1.58 OB and 2.2.0 OA to 2.5 beta.. then public. Thanks and Semper Fi
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    Approved and added
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    GCI Application

    DCS Callsign: =RvE=Jman Country: USA Details of any previous GCI activity if any: Provided GCI through many blue flag rounds (buddyspike), team events, and 104th Phoenix.
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    Yes, it looks like this ..... We've edited the mission times so more day missions are in rotation again now.
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    Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays to everyone. Merry Christmas and a happy new year with health and prosperity to you all and your families. All The BEST!!!!! o7 S!
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    Happy Holidays!

    All the BEST, have a great christmas time, and a good new year! S!
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    When does the Harrier training start? Sign me up!
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    Random pics

    Just a few random pictures from last week or so.
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    Name Calling / Abusive Chat

    Apparently dear Friends, it has become some kind of attitude on the server that name calling in the chat is ok. Let me tell you, as firmly as I can: It is not! The older admins haven't been flying much lately on the server, but we will order every admin now to ban everyone for abusive name calling / chat for 3 days - no exceptions. The DCS Community is a very mature community, and we have always seperated ourselves from other gaming communities because of that. We don't mind friends joking with each other, but accusations and abusive chat in any kind or form have no place here. Even if you get teamkilled, even if you think that the other guy behaved like a complete a-hole, set an example, be smarter, because if he is abusing you, he will get banned, and you will keep enjoying flying on our server. Even if no admin is present at that time, tell us about it, make a screenshot, and we will deal with it as soon as we are back online. We like to swear, too, we always did, but there is a place for everything and the context and the tone make the music, I can't stress that enough. If you just go by ordinary manners and logic, I am sure you will find no doubt in that. We know also that most of you don't mean harm, that it is a competitive environment - all that is fine, but all that competitiveness can exist without abusive name calling and chat, too. Like I said, we're not stupid and we won't now ban right and left if someone uses a foul word, but like I said, I think you all understand what I mean. That being said, we also like to thank most of you who excell at brilliant and friendly behaviour on our server and in the community time and time again, for your patience that you show newer guys, for your attention towards each other and your preparedness to help so generosly as most of you do. We couldn't be luckier with any other community and we are very grateful for that! Thank you all, again, and S!
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    System deployment score

    we are looking into this, mate, thank you. As for the PTT, sorry for the late reply, but unfortunately we have to enforce it in order to protect our clients. you know how it is, 99% are doing it right, but because of that one idiot who spoils it for everyone, we have to put on the shackles. Nothing is more horrible than mouthbreathers ingame lol, and believe me, prior the PTT enforcement, there were plenty and there still are. It really shouldnt be a problem to free 1 button for it, everyone else can, and I am not preaching from high ground, I flew the Logitech 3d extreme pro for more than a year, and I had no problems using PTT. If you want, it is up to you, but pls understand, that this rule will not change anytime soon. The majority unfortunately still uses shitty mics. S!
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    Welcome to the 104th Phoenix VFBS Forum Take a moment to observe our forum rules before posting. Those who do not follow the rules will be warned or banned! FORUM RULES No Profanity (Keep It clean) No Adult content (sexually explicit and/or relating to the use of drugs and alcohol) No National, ethnic, racial, religious and sexual discrimination No Political Disputes No Piracy Links No Soliciting / Advertisement (Unless Approved) Members must treat other with respect and tolerance at all times. Material that is offensive, insulting or constitutes an attack against any individual or group will be subject to administrative actions. Administrative actions against forum members are not subject to public discussion. If you feel an action against you was unjust or otherwise inappropriate, please use the Private Messaging (PM) system to appeal the action to other forum staff members or the forum administrator. Multiple user accounts and proxy accounts are not allowed on this forum. Any such account will be removed.

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