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    Fallen and Money Promoted!

    Please join me in congratulating 104th_Fallen and 104th_Money on their recent promotions to Flight Instructors! Fallen has shown his level of enthusiasm and commitment to the Squadron since coming on board as a cadet over a year ago to be of the highest order. He starts his FI journey as one of our junior instructors initially focusing formation, Air to Air Refuelling and Carrier Recovery training of our latest round of cadets. As he matures in to this role and gets more instruction himself, we will see him take more of a focus on tactics and weapons employment towards the end of the year. Money has been with the Squadron a long time and has had a cold hard thirst for BFM for his entirety with us. His BFM skills are on par with some of the best BFM pilots in the sim and we feel its about time we took advantage of this and shared his skills with our members. Money comes on board specifically as a BFM instructor and will work alongside 104th_Stuge to provide our members with 1st class BFM training sessions to continue to up the Squadrons dog fighting skills. Congratulations to you both!
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    104th Recruitment "CLOSED"

    Thanks to everyone who has applied! We are now reviewing the applications and will contact each of you individually over the next 1 to 2 weeks. Thank you for your time!
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    Check over here https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=207541
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    August 2018 Recruitment OPENS

    From the 1st of August we will accept applications for entry in to our Cadet Training Programme. We will receive applications for the entire month of August and will evaluate the applications for crew selection in September. We plan to take 4 Cadets in this recruitment cycle however we reserve the right not to pick up anyone if we don't find what we are looking for. More details will follow in the coming weeks!
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    A proud day, welcome to both of you! We win together and we lose together, honour, excellence and integrity! This means responsibility and ownership, ownership of your own actions and behaviour. Ownership of your own mistakes and failures, OWN them and learn from them, never look outside the cockpit for reasons of failure, you are responsible for every decision made in that aircraft and its fate is your responsibility. Find success in failure! If all you do is get angry when you get killed you are never going to improve. Question why you failed and evaluate solutions, be honest with yourselves, if you think you are hot shit but keep getting shot down all the time.... you are not hot shit! Never allow your ego to believe you are better than you are. You ARE going to fail ... a lot! What will decide if you make the jump from 'good' pilots to 'great' pilots is your ability to learn from these failures or not. Be there for your wingmen because they will be there for you, never run from a fight and leave your wingman in the shit, he has a duty to protect you and you have a duty to protect him, your wingman will die for you, you better make sure you are ready to die for your wingman! Remember that you are part of something that is bigger than yourself no matter how good you get, no pilot is bigger than our Squadron, YOU are part of the 104th, the 104th is NOT part of your programme! This means you are to conduct yourself like a professional when online and show respect to your opponents. Remember that everything you do and say represents our Squadron and all the work that has gone in to it since 2006, disrespecting this 12 years of heritage with inappropriate behaviour is seriously bad for your prospects as a 104th member. Never test our resolve on this, it will not end well for you. LISTEN TO WHAT YOU ARE BEING TOLD! Every winged member of this squadron is someone you can learn an incredible amount from, do not waste this opportunity, learn from everyone you fly with, ask questions, breakdown successes and failures and evaluate. Your journeys have just started welcome on board gentlemen, you're in for a hell of a ride! Mav
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    New Donation =4c=Yambo

    Thanks Yambo! <3
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    New Donation =4c=Yambo

    Keep up the good work!
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    New Donation Guest

    No worries Mav! My pleasure to donate!
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    104th Blaze Promoted

    We are pleased to announce that 104th_Blaze has been promoted to Flight Instructor and will join our training team! Blaze has been part of the Squadron for many years now and has proven to be a reliable and highly skilled team player who has been instrumental in the Squadrons success over the past few years. Blaze will primarily be tasked with teaching our new comers air to air tactics in the BVR arena as well as helping to co-ordinate new tactics for the Squadron. His high level of commitment and professionalism is something we hope he can pass on to our latest round of recruits and future cadets, to help the Squadron continue to grow stronger year on year. Welcome on board the staff team Blaze, good luck sir!
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    New Donation Dozer

    Hi Dozer, Thank you for your donation of $20.00. We look forward to improving our infrastructure with your donation. Thank You 104th Phoenix VFBS
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    TOPGUN tower flyby

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    USAF Virtual Reality Findings

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    I'am banned

    Just checked, i'am not banned anymore. Maybe another admin did delete me from the banned list. Thank you very much for your effort sir! EDIT: Just wanted to play on your server and somehow i'am banned again. Can you check the list please? I appreciate your help with this problem.
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    Thanks for the prompt reply.
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    104th Official Texture pack

    bunch of fancy flying cocky SOBs! Downloading now.
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    104th Official Texture pack

    This is the OFFICIAL squadron livery package for the 104th Phoenix squadron. It currently offers skins for the following air frames. but the long term plan is to provide our members with unique and fitting aircraft for them to fly. The texture pack requires the use of the "Unofficial RoughMet Patch" which can be found below. F-15C Su-27 J-11 F/A-18C AV-8B L39C The following links contain what you need. -texture pack https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3301435/ -RoughMet patch https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3303667/
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    Yesterday was the very first time I acted as a GCI/AWACS on you server. It was very interesting experience indeed.
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    Here is the UPT's Book https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4kqOBYxv9yTVXNBQkhXbV9IT00 104th_Tiger S!
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    New Donation Guppy

    Thanks for your support sir, hugely appreciated!
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    New Donation Guppy

    Hi Guppy, Thank you for your donation of $50.00. We look forward to improving our infrastructure with your donation. Thank You 104th Phoenix VFBS
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    Newbie Needing Help

    Best thing to do is get on our Teamspeak server and ask someone sir. Always fly on voice with other people, it will accelerate your learning process 10 fold.
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    New Donation Manawar

    Hi Manawar, Thank you for your donation of $1.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks 104th Phoenix VFBS
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    Banned check

    Anything?? Would like to get up and help the fight
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    1st LIVE Recording of CAP attempt

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    octane 1-1


    I don't know if it is correct or not IRL but in the game, the RWR will have a separate symbol indicating hostile or friendly
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    A little intimidating but fun

    Hello to the 104th! I've been following your videos on youtube for some time now. Actually your videos are the reason I decided to purchase the F/A-18C and the Trackir. I've been in to flight simulation for the better part of this century. It wasn't until a few months ago I took the plunge into combat flight simulation. What better way to do it than DCS! Anyway, a few days ago was the first time I joined your teamspeak and simple radio to get into some carrier operations. You seem to be a great group of guys and I look forward to flying with you all again. Just wanted to say hello. Cheers!
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    Banned check

    Ok, thanks for checking. It's normal that you will hear that 100 times, but I'm doing my ATPL and I share my pc with the other guys that live with me,for flight training purposes. I was watching your stream actually because I was at my home away from the school and I was going to speak, but since I've played in your server for years and seen alot of things I wouldn't expect to be this bad. And it's fair, I didn't say otherwise. I will try to chase it next month. Thanks for the attention
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    Su-33 slots actually Su-27s

    Fixed now, thanks
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    DCS Fuel School | Complete AAR Tutorial | Episode 1 - F/A-18C
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    New Virtual Pilot here

    Hey Dorian, Check here http://community.104thphoenix.com/topic/112-104th-recruitment-open/ http://community.104thphoenix.com/topic/543-how-to-apply-to-the-104th-step-by-step/ http://community.104thphoenix.com/topic/540-what-modules-and-gear-do-i-need-as-a-104th-cadet/ http://community.104thphoenix.com/topic/30-how-to-join-the-104th-phoenix-vfbs/
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    checking if im banned

    Ban removed.
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    Conformation of Iceman's involvement in Top Gun: Maverick Hahaha
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    My DIY seat and mount setup.

    I did this a few months ago in a weekend project. Bought a relative cheap QSP car seat/mount and some scaffolding pipes that are used normally to make banners. 4x 230mm fans are cooling the wooden case were the PC sits in. Everything is robust, ty-wrapped down and easy to clean . I have put some wheels under it to move it around when I need to. EVGA 980 GTX, I5-6600K 4.4Ghz, 16 GB ram.
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    *****CONGRATULATIONS**** to 104th_Dozer and 104th_Tiger, who today have passed their Carrier Qualification, the final exam in a 104th cadet's training programm. While showing mastery of their aircraft they passed with flying colors! It has been a long time in the making and well deserved! Welcome to the family, Dozer and Tiger, we hope you both will feel at home! Never forget: Honor. Excellence. Integrity. ;-) This was also a special Carrier Qualificaton for the 104th Phoenix VFBS, as it was the last time that we used the Su-33 for it (we will show you pictures of our farewell in the next post). In the future it will be done of course in either the Hornet or the Tomcat. We say thank you to the beautiful swan, that helped cadets for over 12 years to get their wings in the 104th Phoenix VFBS. Fare well, Su-33! S!
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    Congrats guys!
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    Happy Independence Day

    Happy Independence Day to all of our American brothers. The one and only country in the history of the planet which was founded expressly for the Liberty of the people instead of for the benefit of the elites. 242 years and the Republic is coming back. Enjoy the day !
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    This was outstanding to watch. I'm still working like heck on my approaches. No where near as good as these - awesome job!
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    Hello, hello!

    Hey all - Some of you might already recognize my handle from your server, others may recognize me from about 12+ years ago when I used to fly with Polecat, Mustang and Manawar back when 169th Panthers were a thing; great guys to fly with. Back then I was a fiery, sarcastic High Schooler... now a little less fiery. I figured I would just say hello since I pretty much exclusively fly on your server unless I feel like flying on one of the aero servers. I've been a bit AWOL on your server as of late... mostly trying to practice flying and learning the new systems in the hornet - lots of fun. I saw you guys do recruitment twice a year; I shall look forward to applying when the time comes! See ya in the air! Gup
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    Congrats and welcome! :)
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    Thank you all in 104th for everything S! o7. For your time and patient, For the trainings (I know there are more ). Looking forward for what is coming up. Congrats Dozer Now I can relax little bit (Soon this week work starts) Looking forward my new birds S!
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    Random pics

    Just a few random pictures from last week or so.
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    New Link for Chucks Guides

    I noticed that the links that chuck had for his guides are not working anymore. So I will let here the links for those I saved. Here is the link of the DCS Guides file https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4kqOBYxv9yTQW5NV0E2LUdXRms Thank you
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    Please join us on our Dedicated Teamspeak Server to heighten your air battle experience! Server Address : Server Password : phoenix
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    Check out the video, all mods are listed below, and of course, how could you make DCS look better without a mod from out very own 104th Mustang! Nice combo, gents! S!
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    Welcome to the 104th Phoenix VFBS Forum Take a moment to observe our forum rules before posting. Those who do not follow the rules will be warned or banned! FORUM RULES No Profanity (Keep It clean) No Adult content (sexually explicit and/or relating to the use of drugs and alcohol) No National, ethnic, racial, religious and sexual discrimination No Political Disputes No Piracy Links No Soliciting / Advertisement (Unless Approved) Members must treat other with respect and tolerance at all times. Material that is offensive, insulting or constitutes an attack against any individual or group will be subject to administrative actions. Administrative actions against forum members are not subject to public discussion. If you feel an action against you was unjust or otherwise inappropriate, please use the Private Messaging (PM) system to appeal the action to other forum staff members or the forum administrator. Multiple user accounts and proxy accounts are not allowed on this forum. Any such account will be removed.
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