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  1. Hi Manawar, Thank you for your donation of $1.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks 104th Phoenix VFBS
  2. Merry Christmas Everyone!! And Happy New Year
  3. wow dude..thats awesome! That looks super solid too ! Ummmm I think im gonna need those
  4. This is outstanding news IronMIke. You are tremendously devoted and hard working individual and HeatBlur knew exactly what they were doing bring you on-board my friend. Cheers to you and this new opportunity on the horizon! You will undoubtedly succeed at a high level my man!!
  5. Well deserved! S! Welcome aboard and select a tail number my friend!
  6. Congrats gents! Welcome aboard and good luck in your training!
  7. This has to be the funniest thing ive seen in ages! Absolutely brilliant
  8. This is pretty sick bro! Really nice skills especially in a jet that will stall on you in a second ...lol
  9. Hey IronMike this was a cool video. Makes me want to get back into the sim...
  10. This is my temporary downsized setup while my man cave is undergoing a remodel. How about that Warthog!! Man its sweet! I had a retirement ceremony for my Cougar.. It served me well.. and aided me in thousands of kills over the years. But "Poppa's got a new love interest" Now to setup my MFD's!!!!
  11. Awesomeness! Ross you got to put up more photos. Your photography rocks!
  12. I was at Nellis AFB in sunny Las Vegas Nevada. Blessed to have friends in right places! US AirForce does it Right!! Oh the things I got to see.. These are the photos. Drink it in! Get some !!
  13. Please check the front page of the website for the change in IP www.104thphoenix.com
  14. The 104th Phoenix VFBS would like to congratulate our two newly winged Pilots! It has been a long and trying road but you two have answered the call. Welcome to the squadron men.... S! 104th_Octuplefire 104th_TitanFire We would also like to thank 104th_Highway for his work as Instructor! For his dedication for the squadron we promoted him to Senior Pilot. S!
  15. Happy Birthday to my Brother from another mother....I love him like no other!
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