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  1. Amazing Mustang! Looks to be the best texture set so far Looking forward to it and thx for the continuous effort in making this sim better looking
  2. Me too...I remember Wags saying that they will add the option to disable terrain textures and they did. But I assume that when we select off, all the shadows are disabled not just in forests, they are disabled everywhere. And this is something I dont want..shadows in forests result in terrible stutters but I dont want to loose all the shadows (objects, tree clusters etc. )...just those in forests. Your mod Mustang did the job perfect and I really do hope something positive turns up on the issue. Cheers!
  3. Hope you can come up with something because with shadows in forests the stuttering returns. Btw. is it only me but it seems that no matter what option I choose for the terrain shadows (off, flat, default) the shadows are always present :/...Even on vanilla DCS Open beta install..
  4. Well..I made a Dropbox account, set no limits do download bandwidth, checked and made sure there was not a problem with my internet connection...nada! download from every service possible is at it max bandwidth as usual..only slow download I am experiencing is from Dropbox (I googled and found plenty complaints on dropbox being slow with no real explanation). And I do want this mod so bad UPDATE: Got it finally to download at normal speeds...looks amazing Mustang and thank you for making DCS better looking
  5. Experiencing very slow download speed, around 24.0 KB/s ...anybody else with this issue? I noticed downloads from dropbox became very sloppy lately.

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