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  1. JabbyJabara added a topic in Suggestions   

    Rules of Engagement - Ground Strikers
    I am seeing an increase in patriot/sa-10 grumble positions in close proximity of the TA's for both red and blue. So my suggestion or more so query is just to be clearer on the terms of engagement.
    Are the ground strikers serious targets for interceptors such as the MiG-29/Mirage/ MiG-21? Because its looks like you are trying every effort to deter this tactic.
    I know ground strikers are a little sensitive when they get intercepted and do not quite understand that they are not in a training server.
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  2. JabbyJabara added a question in 104th Multi-Player Server "Heliopolis"   

    Server Issue
    Hello 104th Server Admins,
    I'm not sure if you are aware, couldn't see any of you on TS to inform you, but the server is consistently failing and dropping connection between 30 mins to 1 hour not allowing an entire mission to cycle.
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  3. JabbyJabara added a post in a topic LotATC Controller Applications   

    DCS Callsign : Jabby Jabara
    DCS/LOMAC Time : +6
    Controller Experience: None, however full licensed Multi Engine IFR with Radio Telephone license
    VATSIM Rated: No