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  1. I play DCS by steam. my version is now 1.5.7. PC automatically updated 1.5.7. I cannot join 104th phoenixs server and i do not know how to return 1.5.6 version. Please let me know if someone know how to be 1.5.6 version by steam. I am not good user on PC. I do not have good knowledge on PC. Thank you.
  2. Hello, now it works. I could join 104th server. Thank you for all pilots.
  3. Hi, i think now situation like this.... https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3028651&postcount=44 Steam needs to around 1 week to udate DCS 1.5.6????
  4. It does not work and impossible to join 104th server even Steam DCS open beta finally. Do I need to direct download DCS from Eagle dinamycs?
  5. I do Titanfire's suggestion and Now, my steam shows DCS Openbeta...but I cannot find 104 phoenix on multiplay. 104 server is not active now or my PC is not still enought to join 104th server. THank you for everyboday to see my topic and help me.
  6. Thank you. I try it in this night. I hope everything goes well on Steam-library-DCS- Library. Right click > Properties > Betas Tab > Select "openbeta" from the dropdown. THank you!
  7. Thanks. It looks like difficult to download 1.5 beta and set my PC for me. It is more difficult than kill 10 104th members without death by multiplay for me. I hope that steam upload 1.5.6 in the future.
  8. Thank you for your reply. I play DCS by Steam becuase I have no knowledg on PC. Please explain how to update the Open Beta version of DCS. My knowled of PC is like children. I am thiking that I am playing DCS with Steam, it is miracle for me....
  9. I usually connected 104th server and join flight but I cannot join since last Friday. What happen? There are no 104th server on multiplayer DCS.
  10. KAME


    thank you very much. I could join the server this morning. Thank you. Yes, I am going to use chat as much as I can, especially if I made mistake, like this time. I learnt one thing today. Thank you!!
  11. KAME


    Hello, this is GREEN MAN. I was banned as TEAM HIT. However, I did not shoot to my team airplanes. I was sure to fire on airplane with squared target and not X squared. There are some friend fighters maneuvering around the target I rocked and shot….Maybe my missile get go to some of friend fighters. I am sorry. I am a bigginer on using PC and DCS. I need to learn more. Please, please forgive me and I want to play 104 servers as soon as I can. Thank you.

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