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  1. Just got my system back and downloading now , thank you . Great work . looks wicked.
  2. Con

    New 104th terrain mod

    This is the error i get with RED shield . config/effects/clouds.lua mods/tech/farpmod/dcs_manifest.x86_64 bazar/shaders/terrain/shaders20/regularafter20.fx bazar/shaders/terrain/shaders20/town.fx bazar/shaders/terrain/shaders20/regular20.fx bazar/shaders/terrain/shaders20/beach20.fx bazar/shaders/terrain/shaders20/blocktrees20.fx bazar/shaders/terrain/shaders20/block20.fx bazar/shaders/terrain/shaders20/standard20.fx bazar/shaders/terrain/shaders20/blocktrees20shadows.fx bazar/shaders/terrain/shaders31/runway31.fx bazar/shaders/star.fx bazar/shaders/terrain/shaders31/surface31.fx bazar/shaders/terrain/shaders20/river20.fx bazar/shaders/terrain/shaders20/onlay20.fx bazar/shaders/terrain/shaders20/runway20.fx bazar/shaders/terrain/shaders31/subforest31.fx bazar/shaders/enlight/clouds.fx bazar/shaders/terrain/shaders20/surface.fx bazar/shaders/lightmapterrain.fx bazar/shaders/enlight/cloudscompute.fx bazar/shaders/enlight/clouds.hlsl Ok ive got it to work thanks for the time to message me .
  3. Con

    New 104th terrain mod

    Hi thanks, ill take a look i had only that mod running .
  4. Con

    New 104th terrain mod

    When i try to join with the mod enabled it has the red shield in place and i cant join . do i need to go into ip address.
  5. Con

    New 104th terrain mod

    Are we allowed to use this mod in the server .? 1.5.5

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