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    Thank you sir

    Tricky 1-1 UK Did a little GCI on 104th but need more practice
  3. Is there any particular reason every time i join the server nowadays its a night mission?
  4. DCS Simpleradio Standalone

    Are you still using simple radio? Seems its not working here?
  5. Donations not showing?

    Still mine is not showing??? i sent $30 on the 14th..can you confirm you have received it please?
  6. Donations not showing?

    not worried if i can see it as long as you guys are receiving it lol
  7. Donations not showing?

    Hiya chaps..are the donations screen not working?
  8. Tacview?

    Thanx for the reply highway. Guess I won't bother with it then as I only use 104th server.. cheers
  9. Tacview?

    Heya guys.just wondering does your server allow tacview data? I'm thinking tacview will help me a great deal in PVP but I only fly on your server so if it don't support it I won't bother buying it.. cheers chris
  10. Do you really need TrackIR 5?

    put it this way.. if I was to fire up my pc tomorrow and my trackir died... I would be switching the pc straight back off again as I won't play with out it now. I don't just play dcs, I also do a lot of sim racing and a bit of arma and I won't do any of them without it now. And I agree.. The DK2 is good and adds a lot of immersion to the game but the resolution really let's it down.I personally think they will need to go higher than 4k to make it worth while and to be honest I can't see it happening anytime soon... let alone being able to get a pc to run dcs at a super high resolution at 75FPS but we will see..lol
  11. GTX 960 or 970

    I went from a gtx570 to a gtx980 and in dcs it didn't make a whole lot of difference as dcs is held back by not utilising all the cores on the cpu... but in newer games the gtx980 has made a massive difference but to be honest I don't know if I needed such a expensive gpu... I say if you can get a gtx970 that would be your best bet.
  12. Amazing Su-27 Pic

    Looks very good indeed...
  13. Team Speak Down

    Cheers buddy
  14. Team Speak Down

    Is your team speak down?? i cant connect this morning?