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  1. Presing added a post in a topic Windows 8.1 Stealing HD Space   

    You are sure your windows folder is only 15gigs? You should check folder Users/(username)/saved games/ dcs open/tracks/multiplayer
    But i am going for windows winsxs folder
  2. Presing added a post in a topic Crow hardspiked me in a A10C near TA, Heaters ensued then ban   

    Let me be polite with this. You shot canon on the friendly and after Crow ask you what you are doing you said to him to bugger off. Yes i banned you and you will stay banned till you respect people in the chat, specially 104th members on 104th server,  stop hiding a true and say sorry when you make mistakes like that.

  3. Presing added a post in a topic Manawar at Nellis   

    Did they have flyable model of that F-35?
  4. Presing added a post in a topic WHY HAVE i BEEN KICKED?   

    What is your nick name on server? If you are who i kicked and banned is because you take off from taxi!
  5. Presing added a post in a topic Red Flag 5 - Fight for the Right   

    Me too :-)