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  1. Name: Brandon C. Chamberlin (Callsign: The Law) Age: 45 Time Flying in DCS: Approximately 3.5 years Preferred Aircraft: F-15C, F/A-18C Reason for applying: Hi guys! Thanks for the opportunity to apply. Reason for applying?? -Because the coolest mofo's in DCS belong to 104th that's why! Nothing like the comradery of flying with a regular crew of professional pilots who excel at both casual/professionally AND who you look forward to flying with daily. 104th is comprised of my most favorite people to fly with and that's the most important reason for me. I fell in love with the F-15C fighter since the moment I discovered there was such a thing! My first PC flight simulator was F-15 Strike Eagle by Microprose in 1986 followed-up by F19 Stealth Fighter for the PC in 1987, several other titles by Microsoft, Microprose and later by Novalogic including F-22 Lightning III multiplayer which I played obsessively from 1999 through 2005 before it's online demise. During 1999 I joined the Solo Elite squadron, a skilled F22 squad to whom I've been loyal to every since. Unfortunately, that squad has split several times and no longer plays flight sims though I have remained loyal to our history. I did, however meet a life-long friend from that squad, 4Aces whom I've known personally since 2000. So after delving into DCS 3+ years ago I have flown almost exclusively on 104th server. Now that includes probably 3 2-6 month breaks due to complexities of family life/death and running a small biz. Anyways, after hearing about your recruiting opening up, I debated if I have flown enough recently to warrant your consideration. I decided, hell yeah I do! I love flying with you guys and I miss flying with you. I'm a hopeless lifer when it comes to multiplayer fighterjet combat. I've been gone due to some life/death and biz situations but ready to get back in the saddle. I would love a shot at 104th and would give those damned UPT's my very best to meet your qualifications if given the chance. Thanks again for your consideration -Brandon
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