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Verticle Charlie

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  1. Verticle Charlie added a post in a topic Banned since last 1 and a half year.   

    Thank You Sir.
  2. Verticle Charlie added a topic in Banned Box   

    Banned since last 1 and a half year.
       I was banned from your server long time ( Don't remember when. maybe mid 2015) due to ping issue at the time of a competition. i got my ping under control and subsequently,I spoke to 104th_Stuge( highly thankful to him) but he could not find my name in the ban list. I will be highly obliged if i was removed from the ban list.
    Further, while flying i will remain in your Team speak so if the issue arises again i can just be informed of my infraction in that regard and i can just disconnect until the ping is stable.
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