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  1. Name: Wade Welsh (Callsign: "Sneak69") Age: 33 Time Flying in DCS: 6+ years Preferred Aircraft: Anything Reason for applying: I have always wanted to join a squadron of guys to trian with and learn DCS with. 104th seems like a the perfect fit because they seem to value family and real life above all else. I have many hours in flight sims. Been simming since I was in grade 3 with the first flanker game as my first experience. My first online squadron was 323 in Jane's f18 and I have been hooked on flight sims online since then. I look forward to joining (if selected) the 104th and learning even more from a strong team. thank you for your consideration. - Wade
  2. DCS-callsign: Sneak69 Country: Canada Experience: Little bit of ATC with VATSIM, little GCI with DCS. Medical Dispatch IRL
  3. Right click on DCS world in steam open the Beta tab then select "none". That will bring you back to 1.5.6
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