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  1. Pegazus added a question in 104th Multi-Player Server "Heliopolis"   

    AV8-B & 104Th JTAC system : How to use GBU ? --> closed
    Dear all, 
    After a long absence I have came back on DCS with the AV8-B N/A.  I am currently having difficulties using JTACs on 104 server when they are running and lasing.
    Could you please help with this topic? How does it work? what are the steps?  
    Honestly, I am basicaly only updating the GBU laser code to 1688 and aim to the target location but i have no lock. What am i doing wrong? I am lost ... 
    Thank you for your help! 
    PS: yes i am a newby but i with learning skill  
    PS: i found the answer of my questions on one of your Videos 
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