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  1. Hey dude, We don't play BattleFront II! We only have a DCS World discord and server. So, unfortunately your in the wrong place! Good luck sir!
  2. Hey NervErv, LotATC is currently installed, but we have not rolled out connection info as we had been testing from a members home who wanted connections to his pirvate network to be limited. The new server recently arrived at the datacenter, and will be online shortly. at that time we will be rolling out LotATC information.
  3. To our candidates undergoing UPT's please ensure that you make contact with me on discord, or teampeak so that we know you have recieved our message, and are undertaking your UPTS. You can find me on discord as 104th_Fallen#0666, or you might be able to catch me on teamspeak. Lets have a chat!
  4. Hello again! We are ready to announce our selection of candidates, and with a surprise! We are going to clear 5 of you to attempt your UPTs. @Sebakogu @Tricky11 @Zergburger @Lozzie @Perry - Come find me on discord, or DM me here, and lets have a quick chat first alright? Please get in touch with me, Blaze, or Bullet on Discord, Teamspeak, or message us here if you have additional questions or are looking for assistance with your UPT's. You now have three weeks to submit your successfully completed UPT's, ensure you carefully read all of the UPT material, and fly those numbers. We really are looking for perfection. Please get in touch if you have some a scheduling issue which will prevent you from completing UPT's in that time frame, we will see if it is something we can schedule around. Also, ensure you are playing on an unmoddified open beta client, mods can and often will corrupt MP tracks. Good luck! @Tulpar @Bikerboy @Striker Unfortunately guys, you were not selected for this round of recruitment. We are not telling you NO outright, just "Not yet". If joining the 104th is something you are serious and passionate about I would absolutely encourage you to continue to fly on the server and to get involved with the squadon, and its members. And to reapply on the next recruitment cycle, which is currently sheduled to open in about six months. Thanks again to everyone for taking time to drop an application, S!
  5. Thank you everyone who has taken the time to apply! The application period has now ended, and we will now discuss internally about who we will select to undergo UPTs. We will have a selection for you tomorrow by this time. Please check back then. S!
  6. Hi Striker, Please carefully read this post, and if you are still interested drop an application in there :).
  7. I'm currently working on offering squadron themed skins for popular community mods, especially as we are planning to include the A4, and C-130 in our soon to be released relaunch of Longbow. Download links are below, F-22 Mod http://www.mediafire.com/file/p1r3nmdvvsp19wh/104th_Phoenix_F22.rar/file C-130 mod http://www.mediafire.com/file/tsmqq346o0iefth/104th_Phoenix_C130.rar/file
  8. The propper procedure would be to taxi to the aft of the ship, or some place out of the way to refuel and rearm, its pretty uncool to stage behind the cat's for your refuel. Its not a rule per say, but we certainly don't endorse that kind of thing. you could politely ask them to move if this happens again.
  9. We are opening recruitment at this time, we are looking for 4 (Four) potential cadets at this time. The application period will remain open until The end of the month (2/28/2021). Ensure that you CAREFULLY read all linked information, if you don't we'll know ;-). In case this thread is marked "OPEN" please post your application as a reply following the example: Name: Smart E. Xample (Callsign: "Smartman") Age: 29 Time Flying in DCS: Approximately 1 year Preferred Aircraft: Parachute Reason for applying: Growing up it was my dream to become a fighter pilot in the US Navy. Earlier this year I learned of DCS while playing BF4 and the rest has been history. I love being able to use DCS as an outlet to satisfy my dream of becoming a great fighter pilot. By nature I am a perfectionist with a strong desire to be the best in anything I do. As a result of this personality trait, I am very willing to work hard to achieve that greatness. Over the last 5 months, with the guidance/coaching of more experience pilots in the 104th TS, I feel I have made many positive strides in improving as a virtual pilot. Still, I know I have much to learn and improve on. While I am proud of the initial progress I have made, I realize that those who become great were often guided and mentored by those that were great before them. That is where the 104th comes in, and I am excited that there is an even greater opportunity to achieve a steep learning curve within the 104th VFBS. I believe that having the opportunity to learn from, and fly as a team with, the members of the 104th is the optimal next step for me. My early track record of showing an ability to learn quickly and fly as part of a team make me confident that I have established the early foundational skills necessary to generate positive impact within the existing 104th family. All of these things make me confident that I would be a wise investment for the 104th. But - hold on a second... BEFORE APPLYING - please take a moment and read the following threads CAREFULLY (it's not optional, it's a PREREQUESITE and if we notice - and we will - that you didn't read them upfront, we will decline your application straight away) How to join the 104th: Software and Hardware requirements: How to apply steb by step: Undergraduate Pilot Training: UPTs - Track file location and Dos and Don'ts: Edited August 31, 2019 by Fallen
  10. Hey Geeman, We are currently flying on the openbeta client exclusively. Unfortunately the HOTAS Cougar has grown long in the tooth, and ED no longer provides set up profiles for that stick, you will have to manually set up all buttons and axis to your liking. Please join us on Teamspeak when you decide to come fly with us again!
  11. Hey Chris! Sorry for the long delay, I have been overly laxed with my duties to monitor the Forums! We'd be more than happy to have you back with us! The pure client is required message occasionally happens first attempt after updating, but can also be triggered by mods if you have them installed. From the server selection screen you can hover over the red shield, and it will tell you what files have failed the IC. Worst case you can execute a DCS clean up and repair process, a quick google search can get you squared away in how to do either of those things. Please join us on teamspeak when you decide to come around!
  12. Hello! We are currently behind in the training of our current cadet pool, and are not looking to take on additional cadets until the current class is further along/graduated. If there is going to be another round of recruitment this year, it will be near the end of the year. November/October. Thanks for your interest, see you In the skies!
  13. Pack updated to V3.0 today! Friendly viper skins are now included into the pack. There has also been some heavy trimming into whats included in the pack, some skins that are rarely used, or any FC3 aircraft, as well as the unofficial rougjmet patch have been removed from the main pack, and added to a second "Depreciated" pack. both packs will be available for anyone to download for future use. The idea was to cut down some of the fat, and reduce the every increasing download size of the pack. Links for both packs will be available above once they are uploaded to mediafire.
  14. Hey Dankovsky, Sorry for the late reply! Unfortunately with the current network issues in DCS already causing problems with server stability, we likely will not be able to increase the Ping limit at this time. Hopefully once ED has had a few more passes over the netcode things will get stable enough for us to increase the ping limit back up to 330. Sorry for the inconvenience, we really try to be as inclusive as possible for our community members.
  15. @Cobra That pack is pretty outdated, I am unable to maintain the file on the user files section because we have vastly exceeded the file limit allowed there. The download link here will ALWAYS be the most current pack. I apologize for the large size, its unavoidable even with strong file compression. I tend to only try and push 1 or 2 updates a year as a result, I am pushing a new pack right now, and it will be the last until the F-16 gets its template and i can create squadron skins that don't look awful. Pack updated today to V2.9 Roughmet Fixes for the Black F-14 and F-18. VFA-104 stenciling added to the entire fleet of F-18s. Custom weapon racks added to the black F-18. VFA-104 CAG F-18 received name plates. F-15 BOP added (Raptor approximation). Black F-14 received black tinted glass and Golden Hook. Black F-18 received Golden Hook. Link above is current.
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