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  1. Fallen

    Congratulations to 104cdt_Fallen

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I am very excited, and proud to be here. I am looking forward to all the things to come! S!
  2. Fallen

    104th Recruitment "CLOSED"

    Name: Jared E Moore "Fallen" Age: 27 Time Flying in DCS: 1 year Preferred Aircraft: F15 Eagle, Tomcat. Reason for applying: I want to be a part of the leading edge of our community, and part of the best squadron in all of combat aviation sims. I believe that I will be an asset to the 104th, and I am looking forward to enjoying the training provided. I have enjoyed flying with every member of the 104th that I have had the pleasure of meeting and look forward to the many years of teamwork to come!

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