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  1. @Cobra That pack is pretty outdated, I am unable to maintain the file on the user files section because we have vastly exceeded the file limit allowed there. The download link here will ALWAYS be the most current pack. I apologize for the large size, its unavoidable even with strong file compression. I tend to only try and push 1 or 2 updates a year as a result, I am pushing a new pack right now, and it will be the last until the F-16 gets its template and i can create squadron skins that don't look awful. Pack updated today to V2.9 Roughmet Fixes for the Black F-14 and F-18. VFA-104 stenciling added to the entire fleet of F-18s. Custom weapon racks added to the black F-18. VFA-104 CAG F-18 received name plates. F-15 BOP added (Raptor approximation). Black F-14 received black tinted glass and Golden Hook. Black F-18 received Golden Hook. Link above is current.
  2. You were banned for continuing to use our 104th squadron Tags after being told by a member that you were not allowed to do so. Becoming part of the 104th takes more than just becoming a member of our forum. It requires flying with us on the server for a year or more, applying, passing the UPT's, and spending a year as a cadet. If you agree to change your name, we will remove the ban after a 24hr period has passed.
  3. The following candidates are cleared to proceed with UPT's. Gunslinger Zergberger Aeons DJ-Switch. Please contact Myself, 104th Iron Mike, 104th_Knight, or 104th_Blaze if you have questions or need help with your UPTs. Lets try and get them submitted and passed by 9/21/19. Be advised almost NO ONE passes their first round of UPTs with out at least one needing to be redone, so plan ahead and give yourself time. These will likely be the most difficult things you have attempted so far in your digital flying career. Again, to those of you who didn't make the cut this time around. Don't let it get you down, If becoming part of the 104th Phoenix family is something you are passionate about, spend more time flying with us on the server, and be active on teamspeak.
  4. RECRUITMENT IS NOW CLOSED. Bear with us for a few days while we come to a decision on the four candidates we will clear for UPT's. Those named pilots will be announced here on the forums, and in person if we can find you. Thanks for everyone who took the time to apply, and please remember that if you were not selected this round, and being part of the 104th is something you are passionate about, to fly with us, and reapply on the next session! Check six, and fly safe. S!
  5. Fallen

    Banned for TK

    what is your DCS callsign?
  6. We are opening recruitment at this time, we are looking for 4 (Four) potential cadets at this time. The application period will remain open until The end of the month (8/31/2019). In case this thread is marked "OPEN" please post your application as a reply following the example: Name: Smart E. Xample (Callsign: "Smartman") Age: 29 Time Flying in DCS: Approximately 1 year Preferred Aircraft: Parachute Reason for applying: Growing up it was my dream to become a fighter pilot in the US Navy. Earlier this year I learned of DCS while playing BF4 and the rest has been history. I love being able to use DCS as an outlet to satisfy my dream of becoming a great fighter pilot. By nature I am a perfectionist with a strong desire to be the best in anything I do. As a result of this personality trait, I am very willing to work hard to achieve that greatness. Over the last 5 months, with the guidance/coaching of more experience pilots in the 104th TS, I feel I have made many positive strides in improving as a virtual pilot. Still, I know I have much to learn and improve on. While I am proud of the initial progress I have made, I realize that those who become great were often guided and mentored by those that were great before them. That is where the 104th comes in, and I am excited that there is an even greater opportunity to achieve a steep learning curve within the 104th VFBS. I believe that having the opportunity to learn from, and fly as a team with, the members of the 104th is the optimal next step for me. My early track record of showing an ability to learn quickly and fly as part of a team make me confident that I have established the early foundational skills necessary to generate positive impact within the existing 104th family. All of these things make me confident that I would be a wise investment for the 104th. But - hold on a second... BEFORE APPLYING - please take a moment and read the following threads CAREFULLY (it's not optional, it's a PREREQUESITE and if we notice - and we will - that you didn't read them upfront, we will decline your application straight away) How to join the 104th: Software and Hardware requirements: How to apply steb by step: Undergraduate Pilot Training: UPTs - Track file location and Dos and Don'ts:
  7. This is the OFFICIAL squadron livery package for the 104th Phoenix squadron. It currently offers skins for the following air frames. but the long term plan is to provide our members with unique and fitting aircraft for them to fly. Su-27 J-11 F/A-18C F-14B AV-8B L39C F-15C The following links contain what you need. -texture pack https://www.mediafire.com/file/4zpqqislkrt93en/104th_Unified_Texture_pack_V2.9.rar/file
  8. Sorry this has not been answered, we limit ping to 250ms. If higher you will be unable to join, and if your avg ping in the server exceeds 250ms you will be auto kicked from the server.
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I am very excited, and proud to be here. I am looking forward to all the things to come! S!
  10. Name: Jared E Moore "Fallen" Age: 27 Time Flying in DCS: 1 year Preferred Aircraft: F15 Eagle, Tomcat. Reason for applying: I want to be a part of the leading edge of our community, and part of the best squadron in all of combat aviation sims. I believe that I will be an asset to the 104th, and I am looking forward to enjoying the training provided. I have enjoyed flying with every member of the 104th that I have had the pleasure of meeting and look forward to the many years of teamwork to come!
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