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  1. horΛz added a post in a topic DCS: F-15C | Blue Flag Trolling | 1st July   

    haha good one!
  2. horΛz added a post in a topic Hey everybody!   

    Have fun and a good time mate, you gona like it
  3. horΛz added a post in a topic Congratulations to our new cadets!   

    Thank you lads!!
    Do my best to bring no shame on us
  4. horΛz added a post in a topic 104th Recruitment "CLOSED"   

    Name: horΛz

    Age: 27

    Time Flying in DCS: 3 years

    Preferred Aircraft:  F15

    Reason for applying:  I always wanted to become a fighter pilot. It was not possible for me out of several reasons, so I had to cancel my dream. Once I saw DCS World, it caught me immediately and I want more and more of it. Things became serious and fun became hard training and as a result of that, I'd like to become a member of the 104th. Teamwork is my focus so I hope I can beginn my journey here and lern everything what i need to be a good pilot!
  5. horΛz added a post in a topic MFG Crosswind   

    I bought the Crosswind... think its the money worth.