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  1. ((dB)) added a post in a topic Terrain textures package for DCS World 1.5.x   

    Thanks Mustang great job
  2. ((dB)) added a post in a topic System deployment score   

    Hi Maverick going back to the sbject I think those guys found away to do it. Look in the introduction. 
    That is good stuff
  3. ((dB)) added an answer to a question Server down?   

    Yes I realize that today, I could only see it when I open the Beta, fact is my friends have the steam version that is why we can join. That is unfortunate.
    Any reason why you have decide to run you're server on OpenBeta iso the main version, if you don't mind me asking ?
    Is there a way to have steam version guys playing?
  4. ((dB)) added an answer to a question Server down?   

    I still can't find it today 29th at 10 00 GMT
  5. ((dB)) added a post in a topic System deployment score   

    There is so much untap potential in this game,  we can only wait for the improvement then
    "Come on to our teamspeak sometime and we can do a little Heli Convoy in to battle!"
    I went the other day but your TS limitation for a PTT kinda drove me away, I have limited amount of button that I can use on my HOTAS. Perhaps when I manage to free up one I will. There is pretty good noise cancellation with mute switch that came out on the market nowadays, just saying  ,  
    Thank you sir and all the best for 104th server. Good fun
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  6. ((dB)) added a question in 104th Multi-Player Server "Heliopolis"   

    Server down?
    Hi today 28th we can't find your server. Is it down for maintenance?
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  7. ((dB)) added a topic in Suggestions   

    System deployment score
    Gentleman I would like to say thank you for this nice server, since I am not BVR fan, I always find DCS dry and was waiting for the Normandie map to come along to have an immersive multiplayer experience. However with the help or a friend he make me discovered the Huey low lever mission on your server and I just love it, I particularly like when we need to take control of FOB's that still have some kind of little force left then build. Any ways good job on that.
    My suggestion is, it would be good for us the noob helo crew to know if the systems or man we have deployed in the field have done some kills of some damage. It can help us understand if or where we did a good job or fail.
    See you in the air
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