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  1. Highway

    Money's new(used) PC rig

    Microvax, Money has the latest graphics card, why turn things down? I built my gaming rig just for DCS, like lots of other players and can get close to 60fps with my GTX 970/I5 2500k CPU on max settings. Water low? Civ Traffic off? No thanks. Money has a more powerful setup than me. Crank it up Money and enjoy the view, especially if you fly choppers or Strike aircraft. I'll be damned if i paid all that money to go ahead and turn stuff down or even off just to gain some more fps.
  2. Highway

    Unable to see server in server list...

    Sometimes if it's only a small update, you will still be able to see all the servers as very little has changed from the last update. However, that means players are using 2 different updates on 1 server. Whether that affects game stability or not, I'm not sure. Best thing to do is run 2 versions of DCS, Release Version and an Open Beta version.
  3. Highway

    Unable to see server in server list...

    It's because they haven't updated their server to the latest Open Beta patch.The 104th are still running Patch You are running, that's why a bunch of servers disappeared. Usually the 104th will update when the Release Version (non open beta) gets updated too. Hopefully not too much longer.
  4. Highway


    25T, love flying that. Key to flying the 25T is giving yourself time to setup your attacks. You can't turn it like you can an A10, especially with heavy weapons on the wings. I like to keep my load light. Vikhrs and 2 x R73 only.
  5. Highway


    Vrtx Supreme, I will be on at the weekend if you want to take a flight. I don't know which plane you want to fly but happy to get you through your first few hours of multiplayer and teamspeak. The 104th server can be quite brutal at times, especially if lots of experienced pilots are flying. It's definitely not that friendly to newer pilots, but if you can learm to survive in our server, you will survive anywhere. My advice is concentrate less on getting kills and focus on surviving and getting home. Hope to see you and Fakum on this weekend.
  6. Highway

    A Warm Welcome Back - =RvE= !

    I remember fighting RvE in a Squad vs Squad match, way back in 2005/2006 when I was in 504th Red Hammers, before they became 51st Bisons. It was my first proper Squadron vs Squadron battle and RvE put up a great fight. Wow, how the time has flown by. Great to see some of the names of the past reappearing again. Yoda was the first guy to show me anything in the A-10 way back in 2004. You never forget those people, that's why I try and help out as many new people as I can.
  7. 1.13 link not working for me. Clicked it and i get an error page.
  8. Well done SpaceCat, hope you enjoyed your Formation lesson and learnt something from it. Next time we will go over the radar basics and make sure you can use it well. Hope to fly again with you soon.
  9. Welcome SpaceCat, welcome to DCS. Yes, I/we could show you a few things. Obviously not to the extent of our 104th Cadets, as they have been chosen and have worked hard just to become 104th Cadets. However, I have a few hints and tips that i could pass along to you, but as with anything it takes practice practice practice to get good at these things. That goes for Formation flying and especially combat. If you're on 104th Teamspeak, message me and we will take a flight. I don't instruct anymore but will be happy to go over a few things that will keep you alive and maybe might just get you back to base in one piece
  10. I doubt you will ever go.back to Single Player ever again LimaSierra. Welcome and let's take a flight sometime. Most of the 104th guys fly pretty much everything, so get yourself on teamspeak and we will have a fun flight.
  11. I can assure you it's fantastic. I find myself staring at the ground alot more than I really should do, especially when I'm flying Strikers. Oh look never seen that before, whilst AAA fires at me... lol
  12. Highway

    Am I banned?

    Ok, i will unban you, but please take more care in the future.
  13. Highway

    Am I banned?

    Yes, you are on our banned list. Do you have a high ping/bad internet connection? Or did you teamkill repeatedly?
  14. Congratulations Stuge. Well done.
  15. Highway

    Cannot Connect

    So, what was the solution to getting your it to work?

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