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  1. Name: Ken Townsel (StreetSharKen) Age: 28 Time flying in DCS: 1 year, 3 months Preferred Aircraft: F-14, F-18, AV8B, F15, J11 Reason for applying: My passion for aviation runs through my blood and most people who know me would agree. Going back to my childhood I was always around RC aircraft and full scale aircraft. I competed in radio control IMAC competition in the Intermediate Circuit by the age of 12 and learned how to respect the physics of flight at this time. Did that for a few years then it was off to college. I of course went to flight school and attended Middle Georgia College as the only flight school (at the time) in state. Finished my up to my stage 2 check of my Commercial Rating and unfortunately collapsed a lung on a beach for summer break. Nice way to have the FAA bump your medical down to a 3rd class... One year went by and also 2 more collapses and I started to do Air Traffic Control (Heres were the sim magic happens) I completed school but ended up not doing the ATC route because my passion was flight!! I was always good at computers so I started working for the Federal Reserve. Started building my first gaming rig and got into few virtual airliners to keep my dream alive you could say. Of course growing up I started with MS Flight SIm all the way back to the 95 version (Still have the disk/case today). I started to dive deep into how systems worked and how to run the actual "flows" the big boys do. My roommates were regional pilots at the time, and loved the realism of the procedures in the full payware versions of the software. I only found DCS A little over a year ago and it was through a video from a squadron member here. I was blown away at the movement and immersion, and had to get my hands on it by any means. I started to indulge myself in videos for tactics on all aspects of the sim and multiple models. I found the 104th server from that first video that I saw and noticed I had a lot more learning to do! 104th is the only server I fly and I consider it home whether with the title or not. The same passion for flight is what keeps me coming back everyday. My goal from day one after watching that 104th video was to share that thrill with this group, that is always evolving and gaining more knowledge across these platforms. Everyday I learn something new from an "old-head" in the sim or even someone just learning how to put the gear up. I think that's what keeps me humble about learning more from this group. Thanks for taking the time to read about how passionate I am about sharing this hobby(almost lifestyle), with your clients!! -SteetSharKen
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