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  1. GCI Aplication

    DCS Callsign: =RvE=Veritech Country: Argentina I provided GCI several times in the 104th and in Blue Flag.
  2. 104th Recruitment "CLOSED"

    Name: Leandro "Veritech" Gemetro Age: 33 Time Flying in DCS: 3 years aprox. Preferred aircraft: Le Baguette Mk 2000. Reason for applying: Having been flying for a certain amount of time (and having been an military aviation enthusiast since I was 6), I felt that I needed a more "professional" environment where I could fly with more seriously as my experience was that of a lonewolf going for the kill, which I must say, defeats the realism as real world military operations are nothing but the opposite: a carefully orchestrated and co-ordinated operation where the achievements are of the whole team and not of an individual.