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  1. [BSD] BK added a post in a topic Operation Drum Beat   

    Send a two ship fighter flight as a decoy right at the AWACS at the start then turn away from it while the 2000's take more time to flank and get in position?
    Just a thought, if they think we started to attack it and got turned back they may not see the 2000's as a threat to it until too late.
  2. [BSD] BK added a post in a topic Area 104th - Episode 01   

    I commented on FB, the line: WTF, when did the F-14 come out? cracked me up! And the Not on TS..LOL that was great.
  3. [BSD] BK added a post in a topic Flight compositions   

    I can wing up with whoever need a wing, SU-27
    As this is my first 104th event I'd prefer to be 2 not lead
    Call sign BK