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  1. Here is the UPT's Book https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4kqOBYxv9yTVXNBQkhXbV9IT00 104th_Tiger S!
  2. Thank you all in 104th for everything S! o7. For your time and patient, For the trainings (I know there are more ). Looking forward for what is coming up. Congrats Dozer Now I can relax little bit (Soon this week work starts) Looking forward my new birds S!
  3. one player came to me and said that Gazelles cannot rearm on the farps. I test it in any blue farp and its true. I couldnt also.
  4. Happy Holidays to everyone. Merry Christmas and a happy new year with health and prosperity to you all and your families. All The BEST!!!!! o7 S!
  5. ALL THE BEST with the new work. S! o7
  6. Problem resolved. I unban him after checking together his ping in TS and in the server. It was stable all the time at 270ping. So I remove Pandora from ban list. Have a good flights Pandora S! 104cdt_Tiger
  7. I made a post to reserve the position
  8. Please send him this. And will be posted. NAME SQUADRON COUNTRY SIDE: BLUE OR RED AIRCRAFT
  9. True I am also tired of the "Two more weeks" phrase.
  10. Hello Sir If you updated the DCS 1.5 then you can not see it because we are running our server on the previous version If problem is other then feel free to contact us or Join on our Teamspeak in Help Desk Channel. Thank you Sir S! 104cdt_Tiger
  11. I noticed that the links that chuck had for his guides are not working anymore. So I will let here the links for those I saved. Here is the link of the DCS Guides file https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4kqOBYxv9yTQW5NV0E2LUdXRms Thank you
  12. One of the most crazy-strange kills ever :/
  13. Congratulation Horaz and Veritech. Welcome.
  14. 104cdt_Tiger with =RvE=Jman and after 104th_Blackbird escort me for SEAD mission
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