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  1. Octuplefire


    Just spoke to SeaWolf on TS, Ping was fine wasn't able to unban due to wrong name? Can someone check the ban list pls.
  2. Octuplefire

    Server down?

    Ah this is most likely because we have updated the server to run on the open beta, version I assume you are on the stable build, if you want to update you can force it to by following the instructions here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3029366&postcount=1261 Latest stable version is Current open beta is (currently running on our server) If you still having issues feel free to pop into our help desk in TeamSpeak S!
  3. Octuplefire

    Server down?

    We are currently running the Red Flag Tournament in 2.0 should be back in an hour or so.
  4. Twitch highlight shows how quickly someone with a high ping effects the server, wasn't any issues before this. Was flying as 104th_Mavericks co-pilot so lag affected me pretty badly. https://www.twitch.tv/octuplefire/v/114100845
  5. Octuplefire

    Sorry, would be mistake?

    You were banned for taxiway takeoff. I have removed you from the ban list. Please ensure you follow the rules which are located in the mission briefing. S!
  6. Octuplefire


    Just monitoring the Eagle Dynamics forums and the stable version should be updated today at some point. If you can hold out hopefully one of our guys can update the server once the update is live. If not and you want to fly now here's the roll back process: Open a command prompt windowType CMD Open Command Prompt. Type: CD\ ENTER Key Type: CD Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Bin\ ENTER Key Type: DCS_updater.exe update ENTER KEY
  7. Octuplefire

    Banned? is currently the Beta version. Stable build is still on and that is what we are running on the server.(thus why you can't join). You can roll back or wait until the stable is updated but not sure when this will happen. Just for future reference we will normally stick with the stable version. Hope this helps. S! Octuplefire
  8. Octuplefire

    Server Updates

    I set all the F-5E to the ground attack waypoints on all the missions, if pilots want to take them up in A2A role they are free to do so. I didn't add dedicated CAP slots simply because airfields are running out of space in the editor.
  9. Octuplefire

    Integrety check

    Try deleting the whole "farp mod" folder. I believe that's what I did. Let us know if that works. S!
  10. Octuplefire

    Newbie questions

    Missile ranges is a huge talking point for every that flies and everyone has different opinions that normally end in arguments. What wiki is stating is probably under idea conditions against a non manoeuvring target, we'll never know as it's all classified. In game tho, going up against players who knows you are there and is ready to defend against you, you'll normally need to fire under 10nm. This still can be defeated but is normally when guys fire. Hope this helps, Octuplefire
  11. Octuplefire

    Newbie questions

    Hello Brett and welcome to DCS!. We don't really have a guide for newbies, I would say just make sure you're aware of how to IFF and always check the briefing as it will have all the information/rules you need.No AWACS currently, so it is down to your aircraft sensors or team mates to find the enemy. However all our missions have waypoint 1 as bullseye for fighters and it's generally where the fight is, so you shouldn't get lost.In regards to TeamSpeak, we have channels dedicated for the server labeled Blue/Red [Air 2 Air] or [Air 2 Ground] but you may join any channel you wish appropriate to what you're doing. On a final note our server has a lot of experienced pilots, so don't be disheartened if you find yourself getting shot down a lot in the first few weeks, it's a steep learning curve in multiplayer. If you really struggle and I'm in TS feel free to msg me with any queries.Hope you enjoy! Octuplefire S!
  12. Octuplefire

    Old Modules

    Our missions do need a bit of an overhaul as most the new modules have been thrown in just to give guys a chance to use them without any real objective. Most of us have been busy with real life and haven't had time to commit to adding these to the missions. Plus any changes we do make we need to make sure it doesn't affect server stability which is our main focus, that means having time to keep an eye on the server too. It is in the pipeline, hopefully when things calm down we'll get round to this.
  13. Octuplefire

    Please remove ban

    Ban has now been removed
  14. Octuplefire

    Less Ground Units

    I must admit I do agree with the fact that Delta and Echo doesn't get seen enough. My only fear is completing all the objectives will only lead to the server crashing all the sooner during rotation. I do feel keeping it difficult to achieve will help the server run the full 4 hours and it makes it all the more satisfying when it is completed. Hopefully someone can confirm if I am correct in this thinking. If changes are made I'm sure unit reductions wouldn't be a bad thing but maybe replacing them with softer targets or structures may be the way to go. I'd be more satisfied taking out a factory, communication tower or radar station than grinding through a section of T-90's and BMP's etc. I'm sure the mission makers will have their say as I know it can be completed with a lot of strikers, so I'll wait to see what the others say. Mike S!
  15. A quick mash up of Sundays flight.

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