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  1. jv1080 added a post in a topic I made a mistake 4 years ago. Help me.   

    Clearly, I thought that warnings about past mistakes are still going on.
    It was saved. Thank you for telling me.
  2. jv1080 added a topic in Banned Box   

    I made a mistake 4 years ago. Help me.
    I am jv 1080. Nationality is Japan. I will send you a message for the first time.
    I shot an ally four years ago and made a mistake.
    Since then, you are alerted when you enter the server.
    (WARNING! Auto Kick is enable.Actionable offenses in clude:team-kill.team-collision-kill.)
    Can not  cancel it with your power?
    Since four years ago, I have not made a mistake.
    Please help me.

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