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  1. TitanFire added a post in a topic I cannot conncet 104 server in these 2 days.   

    To enable the OpenBeta on Steam, find DCS World in your Library.  Right click > Properties > Betas Tab > Select "openbeta" from the dropdown.
  2. TitanFire added a post in a topic You are banned Permanently. Reason: "Flying Red and Blue sitting in TS"   

    You should now be able to connect to the TeamSpeak.
  3. TitanFire added a post in a topic get baned because high ping   

    You were indeed banned for having a high ping.  Unfortunately, DCS is such that clients with a high ping can cause the game to crash on the server.  With the levels you were at, you had to be removed for server stability.
    Please talk to one of us on TeamSpeak where we can verify that your latency and packet loss are at acceptable levels.   Upon satisfactorily doing so, we can lift the ban.
  4. TitanFire added a post in a topic Whole country banned?   

    Can you let me know what your ingame name was at the time?  I had to ban two people quickly this evening (because of ping) that nearly brought the server down - I imagine you're one of them.
  5. TitanFire added a post in a topic i thing i get banned   

    Hi Terence,
    Per our TS conversation, I've applied an unban temporarily pending a further review.  Please follow the rules and have safe flights!
  6. TitanFire added a post in a topic Yesterday, my first fly on Heliopolis and was great!   

    Welcome, LimaSierra - I hope you enjoy flying with us
  7. TitanFire added a post in a topic Winter is coming   

    Cool video
  8. TitanFire added a topic in Photos Screenshots and Vids   

    Red Flag and F15/F22 Engine Startups
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  9. TitanFire added a post in a topic Hello and Thank you!   

    Welcome Adam!  
    I must apologise again for that teamkill!  I was tracking that Flanker for a while, but never saw you nearby.  When I foxed the Slammer, it was only about two seconds later that I saw you close for guns!  It was a nice take-down!  My hear sank when I saw you - it was a slow motion moment of "oh, dear, I know what's coming!".
    Glad you found the courage to come onto the forums - we don't bite, honest!  I too came from a heavy FPS background and dabbled in DCS for some years before popping onto the 104th server.  The best advice is to come onto TS when you fly - it makes for a much more engaging and immersive experience!
    Again, welcome, and may all your missiles fly true!
  10. TitanFire added a topic in General Forums   

    F-35 Cockpit Demonstrator
    Saw this via Twitter earlier, figured I'd share.  It's interesting to see it all together.
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  11. TitanFire added a post in a topic Congrats Octuplefire & TitanFire // Highway   

    Many thanks for the warm welcomes, gentlemen.  It has a been a thoroughly enjoyable time as a cadet, but it is great feeling to have those carrier quals behind me! 
    Congratulations also to Highway.  Thoroughly deserved, buddy!  Much kudos to you for the stellar work you've done as an instructor.  It was greatly appreciated, Jon.
    PS - A quiet nod to Ed for being one of the few people here to correctly capitalise the F in my name 
  12. TitanFire added a post in a topic Happy Birthday 104th_PoleCat   

    Happy birthday!  Have a good one
  13. TitanFire added a topic in Funny Box   

    Star Wars Tipping Point
    Since this just came up in conversation on TS, I figured I'd post this here for those of you who aren't already familiar with xkcd's awesomeness
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  14. TitanFire added a post in a topic DCS BROKE!! HELP!   

    Remember that if you deactivate first before uninstalling that you get an activation back.
    Very important if reformatting!
  15. TitanFire added a post in a topic Congratulations 104th_Spade   

    Congrats, buddy!