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  1. Cobra added a post in a topic Home made Table mounts.   

    Good work
  2. Cobra added a post in a topic Congratulations to 104cdt_Fallen   

    Congratulations Fallen. Welcome and I hope we'll meet soon. Blue skies!
  3. Cobra added a post in a topic Player banned   

    It should be banned on the first instance, only for the name
  4. Cobra added a post in a topic Congratulation to 104th_Junior for passing his Carrier Quals!   

    Congratulations, Junior
  5. Cobra added a post in a topic Congratulations to our new cadets!   

    Congratulations and welcome
  6. Cobra added a post in a topic Octuplefire stars in music video!   

    Ah, the UK garage  
    Nice chicks.
  7. Cobra added a post in a topic Ireland trough SAR-C   

    Search the geek ones and success is granted
  8. Cobra added a topic in General Forums   

    Ireland trough SAR-C
    An interesting multi-temporal composite SAR C band (5.55cm wavelength) radar image of Ireland, obtained by processing a mosaic of two dates in May 2015.


    Download the *.tiff image, it has more resolution than the *.jpg. The original image should have a 25-15 m maximum geometric resolution.
    @RIPTIDE , have a look
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  9. Cobra added a post in a topic Funny videos   

    I laughed loud with the annotations
  10. Cobra added a post in a topic Ban check   

    @850-psycho, I'm not flying the Fishbed these days but you have IFF and simbology on RADAR display, button CM49, search and read the manual page 136.
  11. Cobra added a post in a topic Aloha. 3 videos from your server.   

    Nice flying on the MiG-29. Let's hope the EFM will not take too much time to get in our hands.
  12. Cobra added a post in a topic F-86 not able to install in DCS 1.5?   

    I'm not looking right now at the DCS menu (i'm on Linux) but I can say to you there's a change in interface how to install add-ons. Search for "addons" and the F-86 module. There should be an option to (download and) install.
  13. Cobra added a post in a topic Congrats Octuplefire & TitanFire // Highway   

    Congratulations, Titanfire and Octuplefire.
    Good work to Highway
  14. Cobra added a topic in Photos Screenshots and Vids   

    The Avro Vulcan last flight
    For the ones who haven't seen this videos yet. The last flights of XH558.
    We can be joyful she didn’t failed her mission: to not take off in a no return mission....


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