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  1. Hallo, starting at the FARP i'm not able to load any troops or JTAC crates. Or is it only possible to load troops on the USS Nassau? Greets, Erv
  2. Hi again. Yesterday i couldn't resist the urge to buy the Gazelle. When i tried to dial in the 243.0 on the radio SRS doesn't recognize this frequ. Does anyone have a solution for this problem. Thx.
  3. Hi again. Is there any way to join as a JTAC and to play on the server? Haven't found a solution until now. Thx
  4. Do we still have GCI/ AWACS slots on the server, or is it combined with other slots. Thx
  5. NervErv

    Map question

    I've joined Operation Longbow yesterday for the first time in my UH-1. When i looked on the map, i couldn't see any traffic. Even the heli which spawned nearby. Is that normal? Thx in advance.
  6. Ah ok. Did an reply on the chat a few minutes ago. Shortly before the server crashed
  7. Mr. Squirrel Germany I have no experience in simulated GCI, but in real life i´m on active duty at the Tactical Air Command and Control School.
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