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  1. I did this a few months ago in a weekend project. Bought a relative cheap QSP car seat/mount and some scaffolding pipes that are used normally to make banners. 4x 230mm fans are cooling the wooden case were the PC sits in. Everything is robust, ty-wrapped down and easy to clean . I have put some wheels under it to move it around when I need to. EVGA 980 GTX, I5-6600K 4.4Ghz, 16 GB ram.
  2. - Could you add a radio channel to the briefing? Just for the helicopters, we are on 30.00 by default.
  3. Suggestion: - Creating some fixed locations with the CTLD script were helicopters can bring crates to and build a SAM site. - Gali farp is contested alot, the farp suffers when a single bomb destroys the farp vehicles, Mistrals can not re-arm, can we get a option to respawn those vehicles? Either with crates or something else? - Would it be possible to give the helicopters the option to create a HMMV TOW/Vulcan or ZU-23 AAA emplacement? Or does that crash the server also? Thanks for the mission, I like spamming those manpads.
  4. Feed.. hmm makes me hungry!

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