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  1. hello ,he and I(my id is yanyu),we have checked our ping and our ping is about 200-220,but we still can't connect to server . Is there some other error ? thanks! best regards yanyu 4-1
  2. thank you very much!!
  3. hello gentleman, I have a friend ((id: AZ258630) , a long time ago ,he made somemistakes in the server ,and was banned 。 He can't speak English, so ask me do this for him. Now he's sorry for his previous mistakes and hope to get your forgiveness. He sincerely apologizes to you and hopes to get your help. best regards.
  4. thank you very much. I try other way.
  5. Good afternoon gentlemen, It looks like I have been banned,please help me. I'm writing to you because I can't connect to the 104th Server anymore for about 1 month. I can see your server but can't log in ,and I don't know what I've done wrong. If any of my behavior violate the rules of the server, I sincerely apologize. My ID is yanyu. Thank you very much for your help ! Best regards.

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