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  1. Suggestion: Instead of Tomcats for WARSAW Pact countries, how about limiting AIM54s to only from the carrier - no Tomcat spawns on the carrier. While not realistic this would limit (idealy) the Phoenix to the players whom A) are carrier capable which is not everyone, B ) willing to fly out to the carrier, and finally C) hopefully on SRS. Reds already have some pretty long range missiles that outrange the AMRAAM and they are great at doing the terrain evasion that has given us fits for so long on the blue side. It really breaks the most immersive scenario to me to have NATO aircraft flying for the reds in the Caucus region. I've accepted it on the air-quake missions but this one this morning really kind of bummed me out when I logged in. So excited for longbow I'd forgotten for a moment about the Tomcat and was ready to go smack Kutasi and do some work with the team. I understand reds consternation, just as I hope they understand mine when I'm up against R77s and ETs that fire farther than AMRAAMs. Just seems we could have one scenario that was more realism based which is what Longbow gives us. I forget the name of the version on the PG map, but that will be very interesting with Persian Cats as well (makes me hope that the liveries will be limited though) and it makes perfect sense. Anyway, I hope this will be taken as some constructive thought, not even advice. It is your home and it seems to be the only server around which is both unfortunate and something you guys should be proud of. Thanks for the community support your squadron gives, and for the few moments of consideration you may give to my suggestion. <S> Paladin3C
  2. Paladin3C Tennessee, USA I have provided some GCI with the DCS level GCI a few times and would like to help out with the more advanced capabilities now available to the server!
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