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  1. Hey man! Hope to see you soon, you’ve been a missed part of the community. We need more helo drivers, and we have the Kiowa on the horizon! Fallen has also stated he wants to have some missions with helo friendly tasks to complete so I think you’re coming back at a good time.
  2. Suggestion: Instead of Tomcats for WARSAW Pact countries, how about limiting AIM54s to only from the carrier - no Tomcat spawns on the carrier. While not realistic this would limit (idealy) the Phoenix to the players whom A) are carrier capable which is not everyone, B ) willing to fly out to the carrier, and finally C) hopefully on SRS. Reds already have some pretty long range missiles that outrange the AMRAAM and they are great at doing the terrain evasion that has given us fits for so long on the blue side. It really breaks the most immersive scenario to me to have
  3. Paladin3C Tennessee, USA I have provided some GCI with the DCS level GCI a few times and would like to help out with the more advanced capabilities now available to the server!
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