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  1. Hi Guppy, Thank you for your donation of $100.00. We look forward to improving our infrastructure with your donation. Thank You 104th Phoenix VFBS
  2. bunch of fancy flying cocky SOBs! Downloading now.
  3. Hi Guppy, Thank you for your donation of $50.00. We look forward to improving our infrastructure with your donation. Thank You 104th Phoenix VFBS
  4. Name: John “Guppy” Rudell (Callsign: Guppy) Age: 33 on 8/8! (As a side note its sort of crazy the fact that I flew with some of you back when I was 19/20) Time flying DCS: Since LOMAC Preferred Aircraft: Eagle, Hog, Hornet I have FC, KA-50, Huey, Mirage and a few others. I find myself consistently going back to those 3 though (especially the hornet) Reason for applying: I’ve toyed with wanting to apply to the 104th for quite some time, but every time I looked I just missed the cut-off for applying. I think most of you already know, but I was a 169th Panther back in the day. A lot of what I loved about that squadron is present in the 104th. However, my main reason for applying is twofold: 1) I want to find a group of folks that I can enjoy flying with on a regular basis, challenge each other to learn and develop within the sim that is more “formal” than just flying with randoms. 2) Most importantly, I want a sense of friendship, teamwork and camaraderie when flying. I also want to connect more and fly more with those who I built relationships with in the past, while creating new friendships for the future. I have always appreciated the level of professionalism and fun that comes with the 104th, its one of the reasons why I only fly on your server – I want to be part of this and believe I can make solid contributions. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back!
  5. This was outstanding to watch. I'm still working like heck on my approaches. No where near as good as these - awesome job!
  6. Hey all - Some of you might already recognize my handle from your server, others may recognize me from about 12+ years ago when I used to fly with Polecat, Mustang and Manawar back when 169th Panthers were a thing; great guys to fly with. Back then I was a fiery, sarcastic High Schooler... now a little less fiery. I figured I would just say hello since I pretty much exclusively fly on your server unless I feel like flying on one of the aero servers. I've been a bit AWOL on your server as of late... mostly trying to practice flying and learning the new systems in the hornet - lots of fun. I saw you guys do recruitment twice a year; I shall look forward to applying when the time comes! See ya in the air! Gup
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