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  1. Hi Bullet, Thank you for your donation of $50.00. We look forward to improving our infrastructure with your donation. Thank You 104th Phoenix VFBS
  2. Bullet

    104th Recruitment "CLOSED"

    Name: Jim Martin (Bullet) Age: 46 Time flying in DCS: 10 months Preferred Aircraft: F-18, F-14, F-15, AV8, J-11, UH-1, KA-50 Reason for applying: First I want to thank the squadron for all the hard and incredible work that has been put into the DCS community. I have been flying in DCS for almost a year and keep coming back to the impressive multiplayer missions and people of the 104th for the challenge and fun. I started in flight sims many years ago with MS flight simulator 2 and Jet and continued to enjoy flying on the computer until falcon 3.0 and Flanker 2.0. I have been away for a few years and when I tried VR and DCS I knew this was something I wanted to put my time and effort into. For me aviation is more than a hobby and more than a career, it's a disease. It gets in the blood and I can never get enough. Currently I am a pilot for united airlines on the 777 have been at the airline for 23 years; with total time over 17,000 hours in over 20 different aircraft. I started flying lessons when I was 12, soloed on my 16th birthday, got my private license and went to Embry-Riddle aeronautical university. During that time I was also flying air-shows, performing formation aerobatics with a 6 ship demonstration team in T-34s. Over 15 years I have over 1000 hrs flying formation in that aircraft and it is a real joy to flex those formation muscles in DCS. The last few years I have put my energy into RC models with turbine powered F-14, F-18, SU-27 and many more models becoming a demo pilot for some of the large model companies preforming air show routines, but this year I discover DCS. I have sunk my teeth into the flight model, tactics, communications, weapons, mission editor, multiplayer and I can't get enough. All of that is just a small part though, the people are where it's at and I have been truly impressed with everyone I have flown with and talked to in the 104th. I would like to submit this application, and hope to add my time and effort to this impressive squadron. Thank you for your consideration, Bullet S!

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