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  1. Name: Fernando Honório da Silva ( fernandohsilva ) Age 34 years old Flying time in DCS: 20 months Preferred aircraft: KA-50, 25T, MIG29, SU33, SU27, F15C, P51D Reason to apply: I adhere to the 104TH Phoenix and often play there. I try to play in a great team with technical and skilled jocks. I have always enjoyed military aviation and have played in the past games like F22 Raptor, F22 L3, Mig29 and F16, all of Novalogic. Then I played some Falcon 4, Lomac and IL2 1946. About 20 months ago I started DCS World with the FC3 aircraft, and in the last 6 months I started with the Ka-50, which I liked very much and I'm building a complete physical cockpit (under construction), this is my favorite aircraft , more recently I have also flown the P51 and I really liked it, maybe I'll build a cockpit in the future. As you can see, I have a great preference for Russian aircraft, even so I do not yet have a modern clickable fighter. I hope the SU33 will soon be updated, but the dream would be a modernized MIG29. Do not expect me to have all the aircraft, I just want to own aircraft that I really like! But I will be expert on the aircraft that I own, I want to dominate completely and be a strong arm for the 104! I'm very competitive and I love dogfight! I hope to be part of the team soon!
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