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  1. Name: Zach Colton (PointBlank) Age: 26 Time flying DCS: since LOMAC days Preffered A/C: FA18, A10, AV8bNA Reasons for applying: been flying in the 104th server for upwards of 4 years now off and on. Great community, enjoy every minute of it. Have been flying almost daily for the past year, and am hooked more and more with all the modules getting developed. Want to get integrated into the 104th officially to compete in SATAL and other community tournaments. I love that the 104th has a big focus on pvp and strengthening themselves against rivals. And I enjoy the competition I face flying against you gents, I can't seem to find it anywhere else... I am a licensed pilot in real life though I am 8+ years out of currency (career and life have gotten in the way). Already have real world experience in formation flying, and IFR.
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