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  1. Name: Zach Woock (C/S: Wookiee/Whiskey) Age: 27 Time flying DCS: +8 years Preffered A/C: F/A-18, A-10C Reasons for applying: I've been watching some of the streams as of late. I used to play a fair amount of DCS and FC way back when and I've been looking to get back into it. Based on your streams you guys use Marshall CATCC, approach, and paddles all the way down to the deck and that's something I've been looking at getting into inside the sim world. I'm a former USMC Officer candidate who medically separated in 2012 without touching a bird. Current civilian pilot for Delta Connection as a Captain. I am a S3 rated controller on VATSIM for the last 5 years working at the New York airports so I am very familiar with civilian phraseology and procedures. If you guys would like to have a "full time" CATCC controller using proper phraseology I'd like the opportunity to train in that role. Thank you for your time.
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