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  1. Name: John Craighill aka Talon6 Age 51 years young. Time flying DCS:4 years Preferred A/C: F/A 18 Reason for applying: I am an Army infantry veteran who served in Operation Desert Shield/ Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom 3 in 2004 to 2005. Now 100% disabled due to PTSD. As I have so much time on my hands, Playing DCS is my past time. I wish to join as a fighter/ intercept and or Bomber in the f/a 18 hornet, I am a man of virtue, integrity, strong morals and values and principles. I will remain dedicated to the 104th. However, there may be times when the wife will want me to join dinner, which I hope you can make acceptions. ohh yeah, my time zone is est. Please accept my application and you may contact me at john_craighill@aol.com. I will provide a phone number in private as well if you wish. BTW, I have flown a few missions with Larry, who has taught me quite a bit. Sincerely, John
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