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    Great, thanks Maverick. One more question, it seems that in the server both Blue and Red sides have F18s. How does your differentiate between a friendly F18 and an enemy F18? When in the F18 and I lock each of these, I get a "friendly" lock. Speaking with ATC I get info on bogeys, but it gets a bit confusing when there are lots of planes in the sky.
  2. As a visiting DCS pilot, I visited your server last night and was impressed with the enhancements and level of authenticity. I will be back on again. I just wanted to ensure that next time I do not "step on any toes" if there is an active mission with 104th members. The questions I have are: 1) Should visitors who want to participate in active missions check in via Teamspeak or announce that they want to join in? 2) What is the best way for someone to get acquainted with the procedures and protocols normally required by your active members? I mention this as the briefing had plenty of info on radio frequencies and runway approach rules, but it seemed like sometimes these were active and sometimes not as much, even with visible flight activity. 3) I noticed some A/G activity with messages popping up regarding gps coordingates for targets being lased, however when I tried to write down the information, the message quickly disappeared. Is there any other area to access this target info and general mission info outside of the quickly fading online messaging? Thanks for any assistance.
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