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  1. SnowTiger

    Getting Connection Timed Out error - Constantly !

    So I managed to speak with one of the 104th Squad members the other day who turned me on to the "autoexec.cfg" file to help eliminate my disconnection issues. I had 2 days of flawless, issueless flying and had a ball. But of course there was a new fuckupdate today and now my shit is disconnecting AGAIN. I have re-installed (copy/paste) that file again 3 times today following the Update and a couple Reboots. Furthermore, now for the first time ever, I am unable to do a DCS Repair. I get some stupid timeout issue with that now ???!!! wtf is up with that I wonder. ANYWAY, now that there is a recent update, does that require that this file be reinstalled again (each time there is an update) ? OR might that file need a little revision on your end to account for DCS's latest BS Update ? Someone PLEASE HELP ASAP.
  2. SnowTiger

    Getting Connection Timed Out error - Constantly !

    Any chance one of the Server Admins might reply any time soon ?
  3. I have been trying to fly on your server for many weeks now but I continuously have the same problem EVERY TIME. Each and EVERY time I get on your server, sooner or later (usually sooner) I get Disconnected and it jams up my shit for minutes before I can do anything on my PC (unless I Alt Ctrl Del fast enough). More often than not, this happens after I have flown a very long distance trying to find some action and/or just as I'm ready to engage a target. It is super frustrating. Please Help. PS> I am always on SRS any time I am in the server however I rarely hear anyone on any of the specified frequencies. My PC exceeds the minimum requirements. I don't have or use Mods

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