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  1. Fangs

    Banned due to IFF

    Fangs should be the callsign.
  2. Fangs

    Banned due to IFF

    Good day. So not gonna lie I was deffinetly at fault. Today was my first day in the server. I turned on my datalink in the hornet saw hostiles flying around a friendly base and my comms went down just after takeoff. What I didn’t realize was aircraft not participating in DL appear unknown. So I followed what I thought was a target. Turned out to be a team mate. He was shouting buddy spike and I didn’t realize my SRS was down. When he turned to challenge me I thought that meant he was a threat and fired an AM-9. It was my fault I trusted Datalink without fully understanding it. Im hoping this will get the ban lifted at the same time I did kill the guy XD so I’m not expecting lenience. I’m hoping to at least get the guys callsign to apologize

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