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  1. Just checked, i'am not banned anymore. Maybe another admin did delete me from the banned list. Thank you very much for your effort sir! EDIT: Just wanted to play on your server and somehow i'am banned again. Can you check the list please? I appreciate your help with this problem.
  2. Hello 104th Phoenix, i love your server and with the release of the F-14, and a longer hiatus from DCS, i finally decided to give the tomcat a go online. I'am sure i was banned because of me joining multiple F-14's as RIO in the backseat without asking, and getting permission first. I didnt know about the permission bug (it happened on 17.03.2019), so at first i thought the Pilots were okay with me joining, which they were not. I'm sorry, i really didnt want to cause any trouble, and i should have paid more attention to the ingame chat, where one pilot was complaining about me being in his plane. When i saw his messages i got banned before being able to leave his plane or respond in the chat. Of course i know nobody wants a random dude suddenly joining and disabling jester. Especially while being in a fight with the enemy. My gamertag is Beeblebrox and i would kindly ask you to unban me, if you think it is appropriate.
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