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  1. Hello All I m 37 from UK. Had DCS for last 8 months. Was looking for a group to fly with so i ended up here with you lot. lol. I am far from being an expert in DCS but i am slowly getting better and still got allot to learn. Owned Aircraft: FC3, F-14B, F-18C, AV-8B, Spitfire, A-10C Owned Helicopters: UH-1H Owned Maps: Normady, NTTR, Persian Gulf Owned Modules: WW2 Asset Pack, Combined Arms I am somewhat experienced in AV-8B & F-14B, still learning other aircraft. Question: 1: I tried joining your Teamspeak but was unable to connect? Can i have some assistance with that? 2: Does 104th have a Discord Channel? Looking forward flying with you lot. Regards Ben
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