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  1. Horvald


    Just going to fly the F-16 with no IFF lol
  2. Horvald


    Wondering if I can be unbanned. I've waited close to two months before posting this request because I've felt foolish and that maybe I deserved to get the extended ban period. Is it possible that I can have the ban removed with my promise to never ever fly the F-14 on your server. Cheers.
  3. Horvald


    Good afternoon. I got banned from the 104th server over the weekend. The ban was called for however I never had the intent of intentionally TKing (I'm too old for that nonsense). Two scenarios that had occurred. 1. In F-14 with radar off flying with a group of other ACs. I got shot and i think another AC in group got shot. Due to being shot Jester was dead and no way to for me to get ID on what I thought was the AC that was engaging us. I fired A heater at the target and TK'd a friendly. 2. (same session after being frustrated with F-14) In M2000 about to take off fully knowing enemy ACs were in area. Waited for radar to be fully warmed up and right after takeoff I locked what I thought was enemy and fired a radar missile. This engagement I am not sure about. Obviously I shot down a friendly (I feel highly competent in M2000 IFF activation) but to this day i feel like here was no diamond displayed over radar target. Long story short I enjoy DCS and your server. Not here to be a malicious idiot. A lot of people I regularly fly with are on your server. Is there a way to get unbanned? Appreciate the assistance in advance. Mike (Horvald)
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